DOBA Pricing Plans – Make Sure You Get The Best Price Here!

DOBA Pricing Plans – Make Sure You Get The Best Price Here!

Top Doba Pricing Plans Reviews!

SellerBooster is all about best customer assistance, letting you boost your e-commerce shop performance at reasonable costs. For this reason, you don’t need to piece together that numerous services or tools. Happy Customer A free promotion bar across the top of your store to keep them engaged. It is crucial to understand your clients or target audience and differentiate yourself from different ventures.

A real wholesaler buys straight from the manufacturer and will usually be capable of giving you significantly greater pricing. Ideally, your supplier will give you with initial product photos that you’ll just need to upload to your store. The toughest part is finding the proper supplier with a trustworthy fulfillment network and gives the kind of merchandise you’re interested in selling. A whole lot of the foreign suppliers can be found in China. All you will need is a supplier, a site, and some digital advertising abilities.

For Golden members, the organization offers 25% discount for the majority of products that gives them a chance to make the most of their profits. With the rapid growth in technology and inexpensive internet prices, drop-shipping businesses have flooded the sector, which makes it even more challenging to discover the ideal supplier for your e-commerce shop. Smart Living Company might be a great choice to use as your dropship services. Whether you are in possession of a small company or big you need to obey a few vital points and prepare to engage new clients and retain the preceding ones.

doba pricing plans

The One Thing to Do for Doba Pricing Plans

If you are searching for a really straightforward and simple to use way to find a wide variety of goods drop shipped to your customers then Doba is a good alternative. See more in this SaleHoo vs Doba article. Among the biggest choices, you are going to have to make is between domestic and foreign suppliers. The very first option I came to was Doba, I think that they are among the biggest and most well known. You have the choice of buying more than 1 source and can compare prices. There’s no choice to buy more than 1 unit from a supplier at one time and no choice to obtain any stock from a wholesaler that it is possible to hold. One of the greatest features about Wholesale 2B is that it doesn’t have any membership fees.

Key Pieces of Doba Pricing Plans

The list has a large selection of items which we hope will assist you in finding something for nearly any pinball fanatic. When you finish a Google search for finding dropshippers, you might observe that several of the directories are full of spam or non-existent businesses. If you’re dropshipping using Do make sure to mention exactly the same on your site, even if it’s a specific feature. The website has beautiful category tools for you to filter and search depending on the products that you’re attempting to sell, together with an industry research lab to choose the most well-known products to sell on your store. Following that, the Wholesale 2b site requires a commission, but additionally, it sends out the product to your customer. You won’t ever see me post a hyperlink to a good or service I don’t use myself or truly love!

You would have to order every one of your products beforehand and provide them to Amazon ahead of time so as to take advantage. Turn the web upside down until you discover a product that could do the job for you. With Doba, you just locate a product that you want to sell, list it upon your site and process the sale with Doba. It would be simple to wind up getting a product which doesn’t fit your needs since most of their pricing is a la carte. Remember which you shouldn’t just type in the product that you want to sell and contact the manufacturer. If there aren’t enough products from your specialty which are available through the supplier you’ve picked, look at switching to one of the other niches from your short list.

When the store is ready to go, then you are able to test and make tiny tweaks that will increase your conversion (preferably in January). In addition, if you adore app stores, Volusion has among the worst ones in the industry. By the moment you have set up your store, you must have heard back from no less than a few suppliers with products they have available. Well, it is possible to begin your very own online merchant store, and the very best part is it isn’t rather difficult to do if making your business plans ahead.

Affiliate Maketing Basics

Affiliate Maketing Basics

Affiliate Program Business Definition

An affiliate program sometimes also called associate program in layman’s terms is a system of arrangements where an online website called a merchant site pays affiliate websites commissions to send traffic to it. The affiliate websites publish connect to divert the traffic they receive to the merchant site. For an example of this read affiliate marketing for beginners

They are then paid depending on the affiliate contract. The commissions may be based on the number of visitors the affiliate site sends out to the merchant site, the number of people the affiliate website sends out to the merchant website and clicks at least among the item advertisements, or the variety of visitors directed to the merchant site by the affiliate site and actually purchases. The framework of the arrangement is that the merchant pays according to the contract the associate whenever his affiliate site brings website traffic or loan to the merchant site. The recruitment of affiliates is not just a great method to offer products online however it is likewise a fantastic marketing method as it offers the merchant website a distinct competitive benefit. Networking can be stated to be one of the best and most efficient ways to obtain your site well-known online.

Affiliate program companies are still on a roll as the boom in the affiliate market continues. Lots of belong of this market, and much more wish to enter it, either as merchants or as affiliates. The world of affiliate company continues to change and everyone has to adapt to these changes to be able to remain in the company. The best way to have the capability to opt for the radical flow of connecting is to have firm grasp of the basics. The fundamentals of putting up and running an affiliate program organisation are vital to success.

Style only grabs the attention of human readers, but prior to people can marvel at the charm and greatness of your websites appearance, they need to initially have the ability to discover it. And for people to find your site, the best and fastest way is that they find it in the outcomes page of the major online search engine. And among the finest ways you can get good rankings on the trusted online search engine is through seo or SEO. SEO nevertheless can prove to be complex and tough to do particularly to those who have actually never even heard of it in the past. A good option to SEO in getting your site seen is taking part in an affiliate program. Such action allows you to benefit from your content-driven website’s traffic in addition to make sales with the exact same site.

Affiliate Program Business Introduction

A site is the flag that represents the business it comes from. In the past only the well established and extremely successful business have their own websites. But nowadays, thanks to the continuous development of the Internet, establishing a website has become so easy anyone can do really do it. The fastest and most convenient way of building a site is by utilizing an online website builder that has ready-made templates and other website elements you can pick from to build your personal special site design. These sites will likewise be the ones to offer your websites URL for you. The drawback to utilizing these website home builders is that many of them attach advertisements on webpages that are made with them, and their greatest benefit is the ability to develop a website and get it online in less than an hour.

There are at least 3 parties in an affiliate program deal:

1. The Customer
2. The Affiliate Site
3. The Merchant Site

The principle of having an affiliate program organisation which makes use of the World Wide Web as a marketing technique was initially revealed to the public in 1996 by CEO and Founder Jeff Bezos. motivates affiliates to publish links to the Amazon site in general or to particular books. Whenever somebody clicks the link and buys the affiliate who owns the link will receive a specific pre-agreed percentage of the revenues. All the affiliate have to do is to send traffic, and the rest is done by like order taking, loan collection and item shipment. is not only the very first affiliate program business; it is also on of the most effective with majority a million affiliate sites.

Over the years affiliate programs have actually grown to impressive percentages and have taken numerous different kinds. Affiliate program organisations are now all over and they are found in practically every niche of the service world. Many companies concentrating on e-commerce now work as merchants while those who do little or totally no e-commerce work as affiliates.

The History of Usumbura – The Capital of Burundi

The History of Usumbura – The Capital of Burundi

The History

The history of Usumbura, Burundi, East Africa is a very unique one. It is now known as Bujumbura, the largest city, and the capital of Burundi. Bujumbura is located only a few miles away from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Bujumbura is known for having the largest, main port of Burundi within many miles; the local people bring livestock, produce and other items to the port to sell or trade to the public; while there are exporting of cotton, coffee, and even tin ore through ships.

Usumbura is well known for the many battles that has took place on the land over the years, it gained independence in 1962 from Belgium. For many years, decades even, the two main peoples of the land battled, destroying all types of things in the land such as buildings, and other landmarks. Finally the battling stopped, but the economy has still suffered deeply from the battles that did take place at Bujumbura.

The history of Usumbura strongly affects the current economical status. Usumbura  is a very underdeveloped place, where agriculture is a top source of reliance to the people. Today however the people of Bujumbura are still suffering from the way things are ran politically.
In 2015 the president elect decided he was going to run a third term which hurt Usumbura drastically because many other places that were providing aid stopped, causing the refugees to leave, and causing the people a loss of money also. When the president announced that he would run for another term the people did not support this decision so protests and other turmoil took place in the streets causing trouble to breakout all throughout the capital, everywhere. However Bujumbura continues to be one of the top tourists attractions of the area.
Bujumbura burundi pic

Deciding on What Best Suites You When Visiting Bujumbura

When a person plans a vacation, there are many thing to take into consideration. First, one should decide on what temperatures they desire to experience while taking the time to relax; if one desires warmer weather, regardless of what month of the year, Bujumbura is the perfect destination!
Then one should plan on what type of activities they would like to participate in while in Bujumbura such as outdoors, what they desire to see, how long they are planning to stay, and where they will rest at. Bujumbura has tons of attractions to offer for the tourist. From beautiful beaches, to mountains, to forest one can “travel the world” and many attractions of it, in a small amount of time during a vacation. Below there are a few of many places one could decide to visit while in Bujumbura.

Best Places to Visit In Bujumbura

Although Usumbura (Bujumbura) is seemingly small, there are many places to visit while traveling in Bujumbura. Some of the best places to visit in Usumbura are the beautiful beaches, the national parks, Lake Rwihinda, the Kigwena Natural Forest, the national museums, and Gishora where one may sight the drum Sanctuary and the list goes on. The capital of Burundi has many things people can enjoy doing if they choose to take a trip to Bujumbura.
One of the best places to visit is Mount Heha. This beautiful tourist attraction is 2,864m high. It is a very great place for people who enjoy the outdoors and hiking challenges. One may simply catch a glimpse of the beautiful beach from on top of the mountain.
Bujumbura beech

The Bujumbura Beach

Another one of the best places for tourist to visit is The Saga Beach, formerly known as the Coconut Beach. The Saga Beach is found along a shoreline into the Lake Tanganyika, where visitors can take time to relax, almost like being on an island, surrounded by warm beautiful waters and perfect white sand. The Saga Beach is very well known for its’ main attraction, The Saga Beach Hotel, which is a Hotel, bar, and restaurant all in one, right along the shoreline!

 source du Nil burundi

Springs and Waterfalls

While visiting Bujumbura, Burundi one may also choose to visit the very significant spring, the “Source du Nil,” which many scientists and researchers are still in disagreement on if it is truly a source of the Nile River or not.
While visiting “Source du Nil” one will surely see the amazing pyramids that surround it. If one has a lot of time to visit, there are some beautiful, breath taking waterfalls. The Chutes near Rutana are made up of four different waterfalls that are various sizes; however one needs to make arrangements for travel to view.

pictures of hippos in Rusizi River National Park

Exotic Animals found in many of the National Parks

In Bujumbura there are many different things to see, from exotic birds to the worlds most fierce water mammal covering all the land, to extraordinary landmarks. Many people may choose to visit the National parks. The Rusizi River National Park is located right outside Bujumbura.
Often times flooded, the Rusizi River National Park is a great place to find many different species of animals. Hippos are almost always found at the Rusizi River National Park, as well as sand pipers, and other birds native from Europe to Asia. The Ruvubu National Park is also a great tourist attraction.
This specific park is one where the largest variety of animals can be found. From crocodiles to Buffalo’s, the Ruvubu National Park has it all. Last but not least, the Kibira National Park is a protected area where a variety of wildlife have made their homes. It is impressively high in altitude and it used to be a sacred hunting ground for the past kings of the land.

picture of New Agena Hotel,

The Best Places to Stay In Bujumbura

There are also many places one can stay if they choose to visit Bujumbura. Some of the best hotels of Usumbura are New Agena Hotel, which is a 4.5 star rated hotel. The New Agena Hotel is on the beach, it also has a pool that is opened to the people that choose to stay there. Another one of the best hotels in Bujumbura is Hotel Club de Lac Tanganyika, for anyone who decides that traveling to Usumbura Burundi is an ideal vacation or getaway spot this hotel is a very family friendly location.
If people decide to travel in groups there are many accommodations for large groups of people. Another top rated 5 star hotel in Bujumbura is The Kings Conference Centre for a very low nightly rate, one can choose to stay at this lovely hotel and spend there time touring local attractions, attending important meetings, or even working it out in the hotel gym.
As stated above there are many best places to visit and best places to stay, more than what is talked about in this article. If one decides to travel to Bujumbura there would be no problem at all putting together a busy agenda for everyday.
There are many different ways to travel to the different attractions, as well as many different places to stop and rest during a trip or vacation. If one was to travel to Bujumbura they could definitely learn a lot more about the history of Burundi, while visiting the best places to visit and stay.
History Of The Burundi Flag and It’s Meaning

History Of The Burundi Flag and It’s Meaning

The flag of Burundi has been changed eight times to the flag it is today. What did it look like before and what does it mean now? Stay tuned and you will find out..

History of the Burundi Flag

These changes reflected the historical times of the country with the first flag said to be launched in the 16th century when Burundi was referred to as the Kingdom of Burundi. The changes made to the flag were due to the colonial changes over the country’s history and presidential decrees for instance the 1983 presidential decree specified the dimension of the white boundaries, the center circle and placement of the stars on the flag.


flag of burundi

Meaning Behind The Current Burundi Flag

The current flag of Burundi is made up of a white diagonal cross (saltire) that divides the flag into red upper and bottom areas and green left and right sections. The white saltire forms a medium-sized white disc (circle) at the center of the flag. Inside this circle there are three solid red six- pointed stars arranged in an imaginary equilateral triangle design where one star is at the top two stars and two stars form the base of this imaginary triangle. These stars are outlined with the color green.

picture of burundi flag

Symbols Behind The Burundi Flag

The flag of Burundi like all other flags is an imagery full of symbolism from the color choice. The Burundi flag meaning is drawn from the colors and the stars at the center of the saltire. The color white represents peace and purity that the country strives to attain at all times.

The color green represents the hope and optimism that the Burundi people have for future development of their country. The color red represents the suffering or the blood shed by the people during the fight for independence which was attained on July 1st 1962 from Belgium.

The three red six- pointed stars with a green outline represent the three ethnic groups in Burundi: The Hutu, Tutsi and the Twa. The three stars also represent Burundi’s motto of Unity, Work and Progress or as it is written in the national language French “Unité, Travail, Progrès”. The Burundi flag is only flown by citizens during national holidays otherwise it is only used by the state and military applications.

The Beginnings of the Burundi Flag

The Burundi flag history is a rich one which started in the 16th century with the first flag being similar in design to the current flag. The only difference is the absence of the three stars in the white disc at the center of the flag and a traditional African drum Karyenda was used instead.

This flag was used from the 16th century until 1891 in the then Kingdom of Burundi. The symbolic Karyenda was believed to have divine powers and only the mwami (king) could interpret the message from the drum and translate them into rules to govern the country. The Burundi flag meaning was more than just symbols and it had was a much deeper spiritual and cultural connotations.

In 1891 the area that included Burundi, Rwanda and mainland Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika) was made a German colony when the German military was called upon to quell a revolt against the German East African company. The flag that was flown across this extensive area (384,170 sq mi.) was the German East African Company flag. The flag was made up of a white field divided into four parts by a black cross and a red top left section which had five stars. The stars in this section were five- pointed and white in color.
This flag served as the Burundi flag until the defeat of imperial Germany at the end of World War 1 in 1916.

Burundi was placed under Belgium control in 1916 under the name Rwanda- Urundi. According to the Burundi history, the country was first under Belgium military control from 1916 to 1924. During this period, the Burundi flag was the vertical black- yellow- red stripes. The area was officially
mandated to Belgium by the League of Nations to control the area in 1924. The flag used remained the black-yellow-red tri-vertical stripped flag.

Burundi Post Colonization – The Start of Independance

The country gained independence from the Belgium colonizers in 1961. The Burundi flag adopted immediately after independence was a tri- stripped red- white- green flag with a golden Karyenda drum at the center of the white center strip. These three colors adopted immediately after independence formed part of the Burundi flag history from this point on with changes made to the flag design but the colors
remained these three. This particular flag was in use for only one year (1961-1962).

1962 saw a major milestone in the design history of the flag of Burundi with the introduction of the white saltire and the circular disc at the center of the flag. The white saltire divided the flag into red top and
bottom sections and green left and right sections. This design was maintained through Burundi history with changes made only to the flag dimensions and the contents of the white medium- sized circular disc at the center of the flag.

Burundi Flag 1962

This particular 1962 design of the flag of Burundi had a golden Karyenda drum and a sorghum plant. The
Burundi flag meaning remained the same in terms of what the key colors represented. The major addition was the royal symbols: the sorghum plant and the Karyenda drum. Burundi was a monarch state at this point in history hence the symbolic representation of the monarchy in the flag. This flag remained in use until 19th November 1966.

The country experienced a delicate balance in the interests of its two main ethnic groups the Hutu and the Tutsi in late 1965 and early 1966 with the monarchy under king Mwambutsa strategically failing to handle the intricate balance in government posts and the military. This led to the fall of the monarchy with Captain Micombero, the appointed prime minister declaring Burundi a sovereign state. The flag of Burundi was then effectively re- designed by removal of the sorghum and the golden Karyenda drum, the symbols of the monarch. The white disc at the center remained blank (white) for the small period of time between 19th November and 28th November 1966.


burundi flag 1966
The sorghum plant was re incorporated back into the flag on 29th November 1966. It was placed in the white circle at the center of the flag. This addition makes the year 1966 the most eventful year in the history of Burundi in terms of the flag of Burundi.

In the year 1967, the final change was made to the flag of Burundi where the sorghum plant was removed from its design and replaced with three stars colored red and with a green outline. The Burundi flag meaning was expanded to include the country’s motto “Unité,
Travail, Progrès” 
(unity, work and progress).

Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives – Can Anything Beat Their Compensation Plan?

Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives – Can Anything Beat Their Compensation Plan?

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Theres a lot of talk about Wealthy Affiliate and if it is a legitimate business – read more here. Wealthy Affiliate It is a platform that was built to enable members to create online businesses that earn income from affiliates. It has many alternatives that can be used to increase your income. This platform is among the best programs that are used to train online marketers.


How Wealthy Affiliate works

1. After registration, you choose what products or services interest you

2. You start building a free website, which can be done within a short period.
3. You are trained and learn how to attract visitors to your site.

4. When visitors click on links placed in your website you start earning a commission after the
purchase the services or products.

overview of wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Features and Services

• Websites

Once you get WA membership, you are entitled to websites which are user-friendly and straightforward under WordPress. You can set up a website regardless of experience in just a few minutes. Access to the site is through the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard.

• Training

Wealthy Affiliate offers training that covers all that there is to know about starting an online business, build a website, marketing the site and development of your brand. There is also training on SEO, social media marketing, and keyword research. There are video tutorials that are easy to understand and follow.

• Online Community

There is a supportive and friendly community with successful and experienced marketers who assist beginners.

• Web support

If you experience any technical concerns or difficulties, there is a helpful and friendly customer support who offer assistance within a short time. Wealthy Affiliate ensures support is given to beginners as it is crucial and will help them achieve more through the program.

• Live Chat

Live chat feature offers an opportunity for members to discuss issues relating to affiliate marketing businesses. New members get to meet experienced members are they exchange ideas and offer each other help. The chat session will help you understand the program faster.

• Inspiration stories

Wealthy Affiliate has many profiles of members who have succeeded and have a good income every month. These people will give you willingness and determination to work harder to achieve your goals.

The Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives


• Internet Jetset

Created by John Crestani, this system helps one start affiliate marketing businesses from scratch using free traffic from YouTube, Facebook and search engines. Money is earned through commissions that are
awarded by recommending of Amazon products. This platform teaches how to start website creation, pick up niches, SEO, Facebook marketing, and YouTube marketing. However, it does not offer a site builder, in depth training and free hosting.

chris farrell

• Chris Farrel Membership

This platform focuses more on keyword search, content creation, and SEO. It is recommended for affiliate marketing intermediates and beginners. It teaches you how to get profitable niches, build a website via WordPress and setting up your auto responder. Although it does not offer a free trial, you can pay a small fee to access it for seven days.

• CB Passive Income 4.0

This program is different from the others. It was developed to help marketing beginners make money quickly. The user promotes this program using landing pages that provide them the program and their subscribers receive emails from the founder, Patrick Chan’s auto responders. It is a fast solution for those with money to invest, although there are risks involved with internet advertising. CB Passive Income does not, however, offer training on WordPress, keyword search, content creation or SEO.


How to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate

Making money with Wealthy Affiliate involves promoting products online and earning commissions after they are purchased. To start off, one should choose the membership that suits them. You can be a Starter or Premium member.

• Starter membership

This membership is free and is inclusive of two free websites and basic training. You also have access to some premium benefits like one to one coaching and live help for a week. As a starter, you get to learn website optimization, the creation of quality online content, build your niche website. Starters also get to understand keyword research processes, create and work towards new financial goals and learn to make their sites user and search engine friendly.

• Premium membership

This membership costs $47 monthly of $359 annually. It gives the member 50 websites, access to training courses and unlimited support. Hundreds of hours of video training are available to members plus higher affiliate commission and access to twelve classrooms. Websites created under premium membership use WordPress Express that is powered by Site Rubix. You are given a choice to either use a free domain or purchase one.

Upgrading to premium gives you access to full Wealth Affiliate training which involves, and Affiliate Boot camp and Certification Course.


Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan

Wealthy Affiliates is simply an affiliate marketing program with monthly and annual subscriptions. The membership fee for premium costs $47 monthly and $359 annually. A commission of $22.5 is earned per referral. Two referrals, ensure you receive $45 in commission every month. You can get some sales during the month that will cover the remaining $2 which will have covered the monthly cost. The goal is to keep the Wealthy Affiliate membership as you train and start building your website.

You can get referrals by convincing your family members or close friends who are also interested in earning some extra money. You can also network with Wealth Affiliate members and borrow referrals for favors. Creating a review page and promoting it with PPC campaign will also get you affiliates.


Was Wealthy Affiliate a right choice?

Wealthy Affiliate is a good choice because it helps businesses grow. Premium membership gives you access to features like website build up and training on how to get niches. These are platforms that if used positively will increase the online presence of your business which in turn increases customers.

Building a business to great heights is not always an easy task, but with consistency and the right training from Wealthy Affiliate, it is easier.

picture of kyle from wealthy affiliate

Kyle Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle is computer science graduate with a passion for business and marketing. He is on one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate which was started in 2005. The inception of this program was for Kyle to help other
people succeed online.





Livestock and Farm Fishing

Livestock and Farm Fishing

Burundi’s economy is mainly rural, and is thus essentially based on agriculture (coffee, tea, cotton) and livestock. More than 90% of the population depends it it also represents more than 50% of GDP.

The Agricultural National Strategy comes at the right time to answer the multiple functions that the agricultural sector is called to assume.
In July 2008, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Republic of Burundi validated the agricultural sectorial politics under the title “Agricultural National Strategy”.

There are four strategic axes to the strategy: (i) lasting growth of productivity and the agricultural production (ii) promotion of the paths and the agribusiness (iii) support to the professionalization of the producers and development of the private initiatives and, (iv) backing of the capacities of management and development of the agricultural sector.

The agricultural sector in Burundi benefits from several assets:

  • Vast plains of the very fertile Imbo that is suitable to the modern agriculture
  • Rainfall for 9 months every year
  • Possibility of irrigation (artificial lakes)
  • Possibility to harvest twice a year for an output of more than 10 tons per ha (rice and cereals)

The main export crop is coffee; its industry is in the process of being privatized and FDI potential is considerable. These factors could have a significant impact and improve the quality and increase the productivity of the coffee sector.

  • Opportunities to leverage modern equine for intensive or extensive breeding
  • Animal production lines, livestock, dairy processing, production of organic manure are opportunities
  • Several regions are adequate for fish farming
Political Structure

Political Structure

Structure of Government

Burundi’s political system is a presidential representative democratic republic based on a multi–party state. There are currently 21 registered parties in Burundi. The President of Burundi is the head of state and head of government. The Burundi government is divided into three branches including the executive, legislative and judicial branch. The executive division comprises of the president and the council of ministers, the legislative branch comprises of a national assembly and a senate while the judicial section consists of the Supreme Court and the other constitutional courts.

The president holds the most important position in the government of Burundi and is also responsible for electing council ministers during election. The President serves the country for five year terms after which elections are held.

The Burundi political parties play a key role in governing the country. Burundi Democratic Front (FRODEBU), National Council for the Defense of Democracy and the Unity for National Progress (UPRONA) are the major political parties of Burundi. A multi–party system came into the Burundi government after 1998.


Legislative Branch

Burundi’s legislative branch is a bicameral assembly, which comprises the National Assembly and the Senate. The National Assembly includes 100 directly elected members plus additional deputies appointed as necessary to ensure an ethnic and gender composition as mandated by the constitution of Burundi (60% Hutu, 40% Tutsi, 30% female, and 3 Batwa members). Members of the National Assembly are elected by popular vote and serve for five year terms.

The Senate has fifty–one members, and three seats are reserved for former presidents. Due to stipulations in Burundi’s constitution, 30% of Senate members must be female. Members of the Senate are elected by electoral colleges, which consist of members from each of Burundi’s provinces and communes. For each of Burundi’s seventeen provinces, one Hutu and one Tutsi senator are chosen. One term for the Transitional Senate is five years.
Burundi’s legislative branch elects the President for a five–year term. Burundi’s president appoints officials to his Council of Ministers, which is also part of the executive branch. The president can also pick fourteen members of the Transitional Senate to serve on the Council of Ministers. Members of the Council of Ministers must be approved by two–thirds of Burundi’s legislature.

The president also chooses two vice–presidents. As of 2010, the President of Burundi is Pierre Nkurunziza. The First Vice President is Therence Sinunguruza, and the Second Vice President is Gervais Rufyikiri.
The Burundi multi–party system consists of 44 registered political parties, of which CNDD– FDD (the National Council for the Defense of Democracy), FNL (the National Forces for Liberation), FRODEBU (the Front for Democracy in Burundi), and UPRONA (the National Unity and Progress Party) are national, mainstream parties. Other opposition parties include MSD (Movement for Solidarity and Democracy), CNDD (Council for the Defense of Democracy), PARENA (the Party for National Redress), and FRODEBU Nyakuri (part of the mainstream FRODEBU that won important swing votes in the National Assembly in the 2010 elections).


Judicial Branch

The judicial branch consists of the Supreme Court and the other constitutional courts. The Supreme Court is Burundi’s highest court, below which there are three Courts of Appeals. Tribunals of First Instance are used as judicial courts in each of Burundi’s provinces as well as 123 local tribunals.

Executive Branch

The executive power lies with the President, the First Vice President in charge of political and administrative affairs and the Second Vice President in charge of social and economic affairs and the 21–member Council of Ministers.

The president holds the most important position in the government of Burundi and is also responsible for electing council ministers during election. The President is supposed to serve the country for a term of five years.

Membership to International Organizations
Burundi is a member of many international organisations and has preferential access to many international markets. Below is a list of the main organisations of which Burundi is a member :

East African Community
Burundi is one of the 5 Member States of the East African Community (EAC), one of the most integrated regional economic communities in Africa with a population of 133.5 million people, a combined GDP of 74.5 billion USD and a land area of 1.82 million sq. km. Burundi joined the EAC in 2007 along with Rwanda bringing up to five the number of EAC member countries.


The regional economic bloc encompasses Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda and its realization bears great strategic and geopolitical significance and prospects of a renewed and reinvigorated East African Community.

The EAC aims at widening and deepening co–operation among the member countries in, among others, political, economic and social fields for their mutual benefit. To this extent the EAC countries established a Customs Union in 2005 and launched a Common Market in 2010, and are working towards the establishment of a Monetary Union by 2012 and ultimately a Political Federation of the East African States.

The regional integration process is at a high pitch at the moment as reflected by the encouraging progress of the East African Customs Union, the signing in November 2009 and ratification in 2010 of the Common Market Protocol by all the Partner States.

The negotiations for the East African Monetary Union, which commenced in 2011, and fast tracking the process towards East African Federation all underscore the serious determination of the East African leadership and citizens to construct a powerful and sustainable East African economic and political bloc.

Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)
Burundi is one of the 19 Member States forming the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), the largest Regional Economic Community (REC) in Africa, with a population of over 430 million, and a combined GDP of over USD 447 billion. Burundi is one of the 14 COMESA Member States currently taking part in the COMESA Free Trade Area which grants it tariff–free and quota–free access to 13 other major markets in the COMESA region.


Having successfully launched its Customs Union in 2009, COMESA is continuing on the road of regional integration by supporting the continual creation of better investment conditions, making it an increasingly internationally competitive economic community.

The importance of Burundi’s membership of COMESA and its FTA lies in COMESA’s higher FDI growth rate (an increase14.6% in 2010 compared to a decrease of 9% in Africa for the same period) as well as its high average GDP growth rate (5.7% in 2009).

COMESA Member States include: Burundi, Comoros, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Kenya, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sudan, Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia & Zimbabwe.

Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS)
Burundi is one of the 11 Member States forming the Economic Community of Central and Eastern Africa States (ECCAS), the Regional Economic Community (REC) in Africa encompassing most central African countries. A part from Burundi other ECCAS Member States include Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, DRC, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Sao Tome et Principe.

Economic Community of the Great Lakes Countries (ECGLC)

Burundi is one of the 3 members of the Economic Community of the Great Lakes Countries (ECGLC). ECGLC membership includes Burundi, DRC and Rwanda. ECGLC is a sub–regional organization with multiple vocation created by the signing of the Agreement of Gisenyi in Rwanda on September 20, 1976, aiming at insuring the safety of member states, at favoring the creation and the development of activities of public interest, at promoting the trades and the traffic of the persons and the possessions, at establishing the cooperation in a narrow way in all the domains of the political, economic and social life.

Vision Burundi 2025

Vision Burundi 2025 is a long–term plan devised by the Government of Burundi to constantly improve living conditions in the country and make Burundi a safe, clean and healthy place to live and work in. Burundi 2025 is a tool for long–term development planning, which will guide policies and strategies for sustainable development, in order to meet the needs of the present without hampering or compromising the chances of future generations.

It is also an expression of determination to build a new, democratic, reconciled, unified Burundi, a land of opportunities for all. In order to achieve this, the Vision Burundi 2025 identifies eight interrelated pillars :

  • Good Governance and Capacity Building of the State
  • Human capital
  • Economic growth and the fight against poverty
  • Regional integration
  • Demographics
  • Social cohesion
  • Land use and urbanization
  • Partnership

The development of the Vision “Burundi 2025” takes place in a context of important political change marked by the restoration of peace and security and a favourable economic outlook. Vision “Burundi 2025” aims to provide Burundi with an efficient instrument of development policies planning with a view to develop policies and strategies for sustainable development which will bring forward changes within one generation. This vision was developed based on a participatory approach and reflected a national consensus.

Capital transfer

Capital transfer

Capital transfer advantages include:

Free transfer of foreign capital and income after payment of taxes. Transferring unused professional income by foreign employees.

The transfer of capital remuneration in the form of dividends, in full for enterprises with foreign capital.

  • Protection of private property.
  • Non–nationalization and non–expropriation of investments implemented in its territory as well as any measures of equivalent scope.

Burundian Imports

Burundian Imports

Imports play a major role in the Burundi economy. The terms of trade for the country register large trade deficits as the countries imports more than it exports. Imports comprise a wide variety of goods, mainly composed of manufactured goods, equipment, food, petroleum products and fuel. Manufactures make up about two–thirds of Burundi merchandise imports; fuels account for about 15%. This reflects the need to invest in domestic manufacturing and the scarcity of fuel resources in the country.

EU countries, in particular Belgium, China and India are the major sources of Burundi’s imports. Of particular attention is the increasing share of imports from African countries, from 12% during 1969–1980 to 34% during 2000–2004. Tanzania, Kenya, and Zambia have been the leading suppliers. This development reflects Burundi’s efforts in regional integration, most notably its membership in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), comprising Kenya and Zambia, and the East African Community (whose membership includes Tanzania).



While the industrial sector could definitely become more competitive and diversified, the government is still very present. The export potential for this sector mainly lies in sub–regional markets and opportunities exist, among others, in the agro–industrial sector.

Some non–exhaustive examples to explore :


  • Production, packaging, marketing of agricultural equipment and inputs
  • Production of fruits and vegetables
  • Packaging and transport
  • Research and development on the conservation of agricultural foodstuffs
  • Agri-food transformation industry (rice, cereals, etc.)
  • Fertilizer plants (phosphates in the north of the country)
  • Cement plants (raw materials available in the northeast)
  • Textile industry
  • Tea Factories in the South of the country (there are 4500 ha of land adequate for the cultivation of tea)


Investment Opportunities

  • Food processing industry for domestic production (rice, cereals, tomatoes, milk, vegetables, etc.)
  • Untapped opportunities in the construction sector including glass windows and doors, metal bars, tiles, cement production, etc
  • Production of chemicals including fertilizers for breeding and farming
  • Textile and shoe-making industries
  • Pharmaceutical industry as very few medicines are produced locally
  • Almost all manufactured consumer goods are imported offering plenty of opportunities in almost all industries

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