About Me

Hello and welcome to my internet marketing blog. On this page, you can read a bit more about me and about my experience.

My name is Marin Burundi And I\’m a marketing blogger. Ok, I\’m addicted to blogging and I have a list of websites to prove it. Blogs tell stories. Once you meet this world and learn to use others\’ advice and experience in the right way and apply them in everyday life, you become a blogger.

Ever since I heard about online marketing, it did not stop to fascinate me. That is why after getting a degree in Computing and Network Communication, I also got my master\’s in Marketing.

Along with my wife Denise, we love to find new solutions for problems, to research above and beyond and to know everything there is to know about marketing. We are practice what we peach. My wife and I have a lot of hard work and projects ahead of us, a few innovations and a great deal of expertise.

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Company address: 580 Parkview Drive, Houston, TX 77074