Actionetics Review: What You NEED To Know Before You Buy!

Note: I am an independent user of ClickFunnels, not an employee. The opinions and results expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

Actionetics MD Review – What Is It And Is It Worth It?

If you’re a marketer, whether just getting your feet wet or a seasoned vet, then you are more than likely familiar with what sales funnels are, more specifically, front-end sales funnel. Some people stop right there and just enjoy the few cents made from skimming the top of a very lucrative sales funnel.

Seems silly to pick up leftover change, when you could be making real dough, right?

Fortunately, Clickfunnels, a leading digital funnel marketing platform, had their ear to the ground and heard all of the extra belly-aching about missed opportunities, platforms giving one another the cold shoulder, and most importantly, missing the chance to nurture a full funnel by effectively communicating with personalized messaging and follow-ups from multiple platforms, all in one area.

In walks Clickfunnels Actionetics MD…

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What is Actionetics MD and Can You Cram it Into My Current Funnel?

Actionetics is a wave of comforting relief developed by Clickfunnels that helps business owners and webpreneurs take advantage of the constantly overlooked, “Follow-Up Funnel” by providing them with a direct way to reach out and tap them on the shoulder. The problem with most marketing funnels is what? Don’t worry you can take a moment…


Why it is Changing Marketing Automation Through Personalized Correspondence

When someone buys a product or service from you, do you just let them walk away, while you sit back and count those few bucks? Nope, you take all of that collected information about the customer, and you put that to action, implementing it right into your sales funnel. What if you could turn that one sale into much more, by creating and deploying a professional and integrated follow-up funnel? Sounds pretty good right?

Okay, you are probably talking to the screen, saying, “I’m already using a follow-up funnel. Do you think I’m a marketing idiot?”

To answer that quickly. NO! You’re not an idiot, but you are probably spending more time than the smart ones working that follow-up funnel of yours. This is probably because in order to reach everyone in your second funnel, you have to log into several different platforms and use various types of software. Considering an Actionetics MD upgrade, yet?

Well, you’re one of the very few who enjoys having all of their marketing funnels in multiple places. Email Autoresponder? Check. Facebook messenger bot? Check. Push notifications? Check. Marketing Automation Tools? Check. Extra? Check. It’s no secret, Clickfunnels Actionetics MD is in full control.

What is Actionetics Price Difference?

If you are wondering what Actionetics price is, then you will be relieved to know that it is as simple as upgrading your Clickfunnels account to the $297 per month plan. This, of course, comes with a bunch of other features that straight crush the digital marketing game.

How to get Actionetics MD to Work For You?

This is probably the simplest part of everything. Using your existing ClickFunnels account, simply opt for an upgrade by moving from the standard Clickfunnels plan to the Etison Suite plan that sits right under three hundi at $297 per month.

With this Clickfunnels account upgrade, you get follow-up funnel tool, the funnel follow-up marketing automation tool, backpack, a personalized affiliate marketing software, the renowned funnel and page builder, not to mention Clickfunnels will be rolling out Pypeline, an advanced CRM tool, and Wasabi, the membership integration software.

Popular Features of This Clickfunnels Product

Besides the email autoresponder, messenger bot replacer, and all of the other tools it replaces, Clickfunnels also feels strongly about data. This is why you get to examine, analyze, and extrapolate all sorts of collected data to not only better understand your customers, but also to make changes based on what the numbers say. A few tweaks in copy here, a couple of changes in images here, and some funnel building to see how your conversions stack up with the changes based on what insights you’ve gathered from the data.

Seriously? Why are You Still Not Using It Yet?

It’s really hard to believe you haven’t upgraded your account already. You’ve seen the promo emails, the product announcements, and you still ignore the opportunity to make your funnels finally work for you, instead of the other way around. Stop playing with manual funnels and start automating your dollars today!

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