All About Facebook Marketing

In October 2012, the number of users of this network reached 1 billion. On August 28, 2015, it was announced that the number of users reached 1 billion that day. Every seventh person on the planet actively uses Facebook on a monthly basis, of which 48% of users over 18 years of age access Facebook on their mobile device

As Facebook became the most popular and most used social network, it became an inevitable part of Internet marketing. This is a platform where people spend a great deal of their time in an environment that they know and feel comfortable and safe. With a well-managed marketing campaign, users will tie up to a particular brand, and have fun.

Advantages of Facebook Advertising:

Two-way communication – a very important benefit on Facebook is feedback in the form of leaks, comments, questions or the sharing of content from a Facebook page whereby users express their position on the campaign and brand.

Finding the target group – with a precise targeting system for Facebook ads, it’s possible to present a campaign message to targeted user groups and they, in turn, receive product/service information that really interests them.

Social network web site surfing concept illustration

Placement of information in different forms, in different ways, can demonstrate creativity in the campaign, through texts, photos, embedded links, videos. Creating a loyal relationship with fans through quality content and attractive offerings that will be adapted and interesting is one of the main goals of the campaign.

Increasing brand awareness is important both for well-known and new brands in the market. With well-chosen Facebook advertising tools, the target population is getting to know the brand and turning it into quality populations for the potential consumers.

Facebook ads

Benefits of Facebook advertising are reflected in the possibility of quick and easy transmission of the message to the target group, the ability to precisely target the target group by geographic location, demographic data and interests, the ability to determine the frequency of displaying these messages, and the ability to track detailed statistics on the number of users reached, the clickthrough rate, and the performance of the campaign at all.


Facebook ads can be displayed on the News Feed of users as Sponsored Posts or on the right side of column one below the other. By clicking on them, the user goes to the Facebook page of the brand or some other address on the Internet (for example, on the website).

If you have a good ad, quality page, and good content, you will get the desired result. Everyone will click on an ad that is distinct from others, and on the page on which the ad leads will provide specific information.