Amazing Selling Machine X Review 2018

Many people are discovering the entrepreneurial opportunities of drop shipping on Amazon. There are many training programs available and choosing the best one can seem like a challenge. Are you one of those people looking for the best way to begin your business?
Your ultimate need right now is finding a program that will teach you everything you need to know about drop shipping with Amazon. Are you wondering if Amazing Selling Machine 2018 is the right option for you? Amazing Selling Machine has a proven business model that will make your business selling on Amazon a success.

What do you get with Amazing Selling Machine X?

With ASM you receive an 8 week training program that provides you with the skills you need to develop the business you dream of. You receive access to the mentorship program, an exclusive community of business owners who have achieved success, and the private resource vault.

According to ASM, on average the mentors available to you have sold over $1 million each in their own business. You also receive lifetime membership to the Amazing Selling Machine community forum. With the exclusive community forum you can participate in live private group coaching calls. You receive access to expert product listing evaluation and target traffic promotion by the ASM experts on your product.
The final part of ASM is the private resource vault that gives you access to templates and contacts you can use in your own business. You get the peace of mind in knowing that you will be guided through deciding what product to sell.
You will easily learn how to get your business started. AS< with provide guidance in operating your new business. You will have confidence in knowing you are using marketing methods that really work. When you have completed training you will know how to scale your business. Amazing Selling Machine truly provides the training you need to build your business, even with no business experience.

What is Amazing Selling Machine X ASM Course

The ASM course is an eight week online course for you to complete at your own pace. It offers step-by-step training with detailed information on how to sell successfully on Amazon.

Welcome Module: The ASM Business Process & Mindset
Module 1: Building Your Product Opportunity List
Module 2: Suppliers, Samples & Profit Numbers
Module 3: Ordering Your Inventory & Creating Your Brand
Module 4: Building Your Brand Assets
Module 5: The Perfect Product Page
Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch
Module 7: Advanced Marketing & Traffic Tools
Module 8: Taking Your Business to the Next Level

The Amazing Selling Machine 2018 is designed to provide you with the know-how to successfully sell on Amazon. ASM has developed what they call the “Momentum Learning Method” that helps you get results incredibly fast.

You decide how much time and money you invest into your business. Log in to your training module and follow that week’s lesson to build your business step-by-step. After watching the video lesion take that lesson’s action item to growing your business.

Once that step is completed, you continue with the next video lesson to keep developing your new business. You have access to the training for as long as you need it. So the question now is, exactly how much is this training program going to cost you?


What’s Amazing Selling Machine Price?

To be straight forward, the training program costs $3997. That may be a big investment for you. What other cost do you need to consider? You will need to invest in your product. You decide how much money you put into your product inventory. So consider not only product cost, but also things like shipping costs, import tax, and labeling fees.

The good news it that you can join ASM and begin investing in product later. ASM offers a full refund in 30 days if you are not happy with the program. Amazing Selling Machine is so confident in their program they offer a 6 month buy back. If you buy the program and inventory, and do not make money following their methods, ASM will refund you the full cost of the program. They will reimburse you for any money you spent on inventory, up to $10,000.


Is ASM legitimate?

Now you know what Amazing Selling Machine X consists of, but is it really worth the expense or is it a sham? ASM may sound like one of those direct sales products that makes big promises but never reaches the promised potential.

However, with ASM you actually do get the program you are paying for. Just like any other venture, the effort you put into this business will determine how profitable it becomes. The goal of ASM is to provide you with a real working business model.

What I Liked About ASM

  • 8 week easy to follow training
  • Support group
  • Access to help
  • No need for a website
  • Expert product listing evaluation

What I Didn’t Like

  • Cost of ASM
  • Lacks features other programs offer
  • Enrollment closes
  • Other programs offer training that is product industry specific
  • Training is specific to drop shipping through Amazon
  • currently there is a waiting list to enroll


Drop shipping is not an exclusive idea to ASMX and there are many programs available to teach you how to build your business. However, the training and support you receive from ASM will teach you to become successful.

With ASMX you don’t need to create your own website. You have access to a support system that other programs may not offer. The ASM training is easy to follow and uses a real proven business model.

Ultimately, with ASM you have the wherewithal to accomplish your goals. The biggest draw back for some of you considering Amazing Selling Machine ASM is the cost. There are other products that are available at significantly lower cost.
Many programs range around $300-$400 but do not offer everything ASM provides it’s members. There are programs that offer product specific training. Some alternative programs currently available use a model that doesn’t source products from off shore countries.
If you are considering joining ASMX the enrollment link does expire. Meaning you could receive a message that ASM is currently unavailable. There are other options available to you that may offer features you want or need like free trials, free websites, and live chat. When comparing training programs weight the features available to your specific needs.


The beauty of ASM, that you may not find with other programs, is that is really is designed for ANYONE to use. It walks you through everything you need so you don’t need prior knowledge or experience to be successful. All you need is the drive to accomplish your goals!

With Amazing Selling Machine you will learn to buy high quality, low cost items to sell for high profit margins. Then continue through this process to generate more sales. Is ASM worth the investment? Absolutely! After doing a little searching you will find many success stories from ASM students. There is no better online program teaching how to successfully build a business via drop shipping than the Amazing Selling Machine. If ASM is in your budget, and drop shipping is your interest, then this high quality training program is perfect for you.

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