Is Amazing Selling Machine a Scam? An HONEST Insight!

Upon its creation in 2013, Matt Clark’s Amazing Selling Machine, or ASM, training program has gained a ton of deserved attention and for good reasons. Click here for my Amazing Selling Machine Review
Despite the training program’s supreme promises of wealth generation for those who follow it in its entirety, there are still many skeptics out there who simply believe that the training may be nothing more than a scam.
This belief is associated with the fact that there is an abundance of courses and training programs all over the web making similar claims, while ultimately providing the buyer with very general insight.
However, after performing extensive research on this particular training program and reading other trainees’ testimonials, we can confidently conclude that this Amazing Selling Machine course is far from a scam…
is it a scam or not?

Is Amazing Selling Machine A Scam?

Amazing Selling Machine is an online training program that teaches entrepreneurs how to build genuine, rapid-growth businesses by the selling of real, physical products by leveraging the power and opportunities presented by Amazon. So no, Amazing Selling Machine is NOT a scam.

Prices at $4,997 for upfront buyers, or six monthly payments of $997 for installment buyers, the training program promises numerous enticing and favorable claims that are certain to get a buyer thinking about what their future can hold with the program. In exchange for the above-average price tag for Amazing Selling Machine, the buyers obtain an 8-week online training course, a lifetime membership to the

Amazing Selling Machine forum and community, access to the mentorship program, an inside look at the private resource vault, 8 private group coaching calls, expertly evaluated product listings and target-traffic promotion by the Amazing Selling Machine experts for your new products. Although this model of revenue generation is not a new discovery, the Amazing Selling Machine program will teach its members how to dropship on Amazon lucratively.

Before you can conclude that there are numerous courses and training programs widely available on the web that are very similar to this one, you must realize that this course, in particular, can teach you different aspects and features that other classes just don’t cover.

If Amazing Selling Machine Isn’t a Scam, How Does it Work?
amazing selling machine scam

Dropshipping is a favorite way to deliver products utilized by some of the greatest merchants on the planet consisting of Amazon and Walmart. Dropshipping is when a shopping network begins moving products or products from the manufacturer directly to the retailer without handling or going through the normal distribution channels.

In essence, those who make use of dropshipping do not require to own, bundle or deliver any products, but instead, acquire and manage the sales element of the business. However, one of the most significant incidents that happen when trying to run an organization in the form of dropshipping is the inability to keep product costs down.

Considered that items that are bought at a less expensive price tag give the business owner a significant chance to generate considerable earnings after they are marked-up, this company model is very feasible when executed correctly.

Although this opportunity usually appears easy and easily implementable, a big concern to most individuals seeking to drop-ship products is where they can acquire these items for a much lower price. The simple option or answer to this issue is getting items from China.

This is precisely what the Amazing Selling Machine course teaches its members. Moreover, the ASM course does not just teach its members where to get these items; however likewise how to obtain them. In the class, a member will be shown how to correctly get in touch with an item manufacturer in China where they will have the ability to obtain products at a much lower rate compared to Amazon and other sellers.

After a member chooses a product that they want to market and sell, they may buy a bulk amount of that item, test out a few samples to ensure the product’s effectiveness and function. This is an essential step in the process given that bulk orders can cost upwards of $5,000- $10,000 depending on the items chosen. Consequently, it is crucial to be well-informed of the specific niche’s item market.

The final step of this process’ imitation entails the registration in Amazon’s FBA program or Fulfilment By Amazon and ship all of the bulk items to their satisfaction center. Following this shipping procedure, Amazon will then store all of the obtained inventory, along with market, offer and deliver the products for you, eventually making Amazon the drop-shipper.

This organization model can be exceptionally lucrative if done correctly, which is what the Amazing Selling Machine course promises to teach its members. It goes without saying that Amazon is the most significant and most profitable online merchants worldwide, creating over $177 billion in sales in the previous year with that number expected to grow substantially in the upcoming years. So no, Amazing Selling Machine is not a scam as this is a genuine organization opportunity.

Although e-commerce and online shopping in general accounts for only about 11% of overall retail sales in the world, Amazon is still the most significant online merchant.

As a matter of fact, over 40% of all international online sales are through Amazon. Consequently, dropshipping on Amazon develops a rare chance for those who can exploit it effectively.

Why does the Amazing Selling Machine expense directly under $5,000, Isn’t That a Scam?

It has actually been a traditional statement that you need to invest money to earn money. This remains in part one of the reasons for the above typical price. Matt Clark describes in an interview that this opportunity is the no-brainer trick to effective high-profit margins.

He likewise describes that this chance is far more successful than traditional affiliate marketing, claiming that offering your own items with your own brand name can produce nearly 400% to 500% revenue margins. He also discusses that this program differs from any other course out there. As a method for the program to acquire its members’ confidence and trust, they likewise offer 6-month money back warranty, which is not provided by numerous programs and courses costs at an above average course price.

The majority of dropshipping courses and programs out there usually use 30-day money back guarantee as the price of their courses varies typically from $100- $300. In essence, if a member was to acquire this course, purchase inventory, market it, sell it and still fail to generate profits after following their strategies and approaches, AMS will, in fact, repay you for the price of the course in addition to any capital you spend on inventory approximately $10,000. This is definitely unlike numerous courses out there, eventually supplying self-confidence in their training techniques.

What exactly do you get in Amazing Selling Machine?

To get a full view of what you can expect to find in Amazing Selling Machine make sure to check out our Amazing Selling Machine review here!