Asigo System Review: Does Chris Munch Actually Deliver?

Recently, Chris Munch made an announcement about his latest internet marketing invention: The Asigo System. The launch date is scheduled for the 27th of October, 2020 with a price tag of $2997.

We are tracking Chris Munch, as well as his team, closely for updates about the product. As of today, there is not enough information to say exactly what The Asigo System is. We will update this review are soon as the program is released.

So, Who Is Chris Munch?

The founder of PressCable, Chris Munch, is a somewhat famous internet marketer. He is also the owner of the MunchEye platform. In recent history, he launched the 100K ShoutOut training course, which went viral with internet marketing students.

Munch’s work was thoroughly tested by a group of his students and independent reviewers. All the reviews point to the entire course being very insightful and the accompanying tools make getting started easy.

As someone who has been involved with online marketing for a significant number of years, I felt the course provided a lot of information about the field that even I had not uncovered.

Furthermore, Chris Munch’s 100K ShoutOut program is a tool that seamlessly guides you through creating a campaign with minimal effort. I suspect we can expect similar things from The Asigo System.