Three Best Tools to Find Expired Domains [2019]

Research shows a high-quality expired domain can save 5+ months of marketing legwork. Whether it’s link juice, content, or a combination of ranking factors, the right expired domain can become a powerful investment.

For those eager to jump into the world of expired domains, here are the three best tools to use and keep in mind.


Spamzilla is an industry-grade tool with proven accessibility perks. This power-packed tool offers a slew of features ensuring the process of finding expired domains is simplified.

Users are welcomed with features including backlink filters illustrating what type of backlinks are associated with the domain. These backlinks can shed light on whether or not the domain is viable as a long-term investment. makes SEO a lot easier by providing insight on SEO metrics by analyzing how well the domain has done in the past and how much link juice is left. This information is pertinent in determining how far along the domain is as a marketing option.

Spamzilla comes in two packages (free and standard) allowing users to pick what they deem is best. The standard plan offers access to millions of expired domains, automated spam checking, custom domain lists, newly added domains, and domain backlink data. All of these details are packed into one place for users to easily dig through. It’s convenient, fast, and ideal for those needing a high-quality domain.

2) DomCop

The second most appreciated tool for finding expired domains is none other than DomCop. This tool has made a mark on the industry and is appreciated by several modern-day users because of its cost-efficient plans. The tool is affordable, easy to use, and provides considerable access to quality expired domains.

DomCop is designed to filter using several highly rated metrics including Moz DA/PA, Majestic TF/CF, and PageRank to name a few. All of these filters are used to scour through millions of expired domains before listing them in order for users to go through. This allows users to quickly look at the data and make their pick in seconds.

According to recent research, DomCom is home to over 20 million domains and continues to grow with each passing day. This database is power-packed with expired domains and also includes several different extensions.

Users are also able to fiddle around with the settings to make sure everything is done to customize each search. This can include what qualities are required for an expired domain to work.

For those looking to get a feel of how this tool works, DomCop offers a free trial on its website. This can provide a good starting point for anyone that is on the lookout for high-quality expired domains. This tool is efficient, safe to use, and offers an easy way to pick high-grade domains without missing a beat.

3) PBN Lab

PBN Lab has earned critical acclaim among professionals as a viable tool for locating expired domains. It’s a PHP script designed to located high-grade expired domains through backlink and traffic analysis. The information is useful in determining whether or not a domain works well with the user’s requirements.

This tool is excellent for a number of reasons and is often seen being used by SEO agencies. It offers immediate access to a large database and ensures multiple search queries can be made without having to make manual adjustments. This simplifies the process considerably and ensures businesses can focus on other things as the tool goes to work. It’s a hands-free solution and makes for an excellent tool.

Along with setting up searchers, users are also able to maximize the tool’s potential by assessing different metrics. These statistical details are readily available as soon as the domains are crawled. Once the tool goest through each domain, it pinpoints all of this data for the user to dig through.

While it is not the fastest solution on the market, it does provide access to a considerable database of high-grade expired domains. As long as the user knows what they are on the lookout for, it can be an excellent stepping-stone towards a great domain. The tool is able to go through each detail including different backlinks as it weighs the pros and cons.