The History of Usumbura – The Capital of Burundi

The History

The history of Usumbura, Burundi, East Africa is a very unique one. It is now known as Bujumbura, the largest city, and the capital of Burundi. Bujumbura is located only a few miles away from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Bujumbura is known for having the largest, main port of Burundi within many miles; the local people bring livestock, produce and other items to the port to sell or trade to the public; while there are exporting of cotton, coffee, and even tin ore through ships.

Usumbura is well known for the many battles that has took place on the land over the years, it gained independence in 1962 from Belgium. For many years, decades even, the two main peoples of the land battled, destroying all types of things in the land such as buildings, and other landmarks. Finally the battling stopped, but the economy has still suffered deeply from the battles that did take place at Bujumbura.

The history of Usumbura strongly affects the current economical status. Usumbura  is a very underdeveloped place, where agriculture is a top source of reliance to the people. Today however the people of Bujumbura are still suffering from the way things are ran politically.
In 2015 the president elect decided he was going to run a third term which hurt Usumbura drastically because many other places that were providing aid stopped, causing the refugees to leave, and causing the people a loss of money also. When the president announced that he would run for another term the people did not support this decision so protests and other turmoil took place in the streets causing trouble to breakout all throughout the capital, everywhere. However Bujumbura continues to be one of the top tourists attractions of the area.
Bujumbura burundi pic

Deciding on What Best Suites You When Visiting Bujumbura

When a person plans a vacation, there are many thing to take into consideration. First, one should decide on what temperatures they desire to experience while taking the time to relax; if one desires warmer weather, regardless of what month of the year, Bujumbura is the perfect destination!
Then one should plan on what type of activities they would like to participate in while in Bujumbura such as outdoors, what they desire to see, how long they are planning to stay, and where they will rest at. Bujumbura has tons of attractions to offer for the tourist. From beautiful beaches, to mountains, to forest one can “travel the world” and many attractions of it, in a small amount of time during a vacation. Below there are a few of many places one could decide to visit while in Bujumbura.

Best Places to Visit In Bujumbura

Although Usumbura (Bujumbura) is seemingly small, there are many places to visit while traveling in Bujumbura. Some of the best places to visit in Usumbura are the beautiful beaches, the national parks, Lake Rwihinda, the Kigwena Natural Forest, the national museums, and Gishora where one may sight the drum Sanctuary and the list goes on. The capital of Burundi has many things people can enjoy doing if they choose to take a trip to Bujumbura.
One of the best places to visit is Mount Heha. This beautiful tourist attraction is 2,864m high. It is a very great place for people who enjoy the outdoors and hiking challenges. One may simply catch a glimpse of the beautiful beach from on top of the mountain.
Bujumbura beech

The Bujumbura Beach

Another one of the best places for tourist to visit is The Saga Beach, formerly known as the Coconut Beach. The Saga Beach is found along a shoreline into the Lake Tanganyika, where visitors can take time to relax, almost like being on an island, surrounded by warm beautiful waters and perfect white sand. The Saga Beach is very well known for its’ main attraction, The Saga Beach Hotel, which is a Hotel, bar, and restaurant all in one, right along the shoreline!

 source du Nil burundi

Springs and Waterfalls

While visiting Bujumbura, Burundi one may also choose to visit the very significant spring, the “Source du Nil,” which many scientists and researchers are still in disagreement on if it is truly a source of the Nile River or not.
While visiting “Source du Nil” one will surely see the amazing pyramids that surround it. If one has a lot of time to visit, there are some beautiful, breath taking waterfalls. The Chutes near Rutana are made up of four different waterfalls that are various sizes; however one needs to make arrangements for travel to view.

pictures of hippos in Rusizi River National Park

Exotic Animals found in many of the National Parks

In Bujumbura there are many different things to see, from exotic birds to the worlds most fierce water mammal covering all the land, to extraordinary landmarks. Many people may choose to visit the National parks. The Rusizi River National Park is located right outside Bujumbura.
Often times flooded, the Rusizi River National Park is a great place to find many different species of animals. Hippos are almost always found at the Rusizi River National Park, as well as sand pipers, and other birds native from Europe to Asia. The Ruvubu National Park is also a great tourist attraction.
This specific park is one where the largest variety of animals can be found. From crocodiles to Buffalo’s, the Ruvubu National Park has it all. Last but not least, the Kibira National Park is a protected area where a variety of wildlife have made their homes. It is impressively high in altitude and it used to be a sacred hunting ground for the past kings of the land.

picture of New Agena Hotel,

The Best Places to Stay In Bujumbura

There are also many places one can stay if they choose to visit Bujumbura. Some of the best hotels of Usumbura are New Agena Hotel, which is a 4.5 star rated hotel. The New Agena Hotel is on the beach, it also has a pool that is opened to the people that choose to stay there. Another one of the best hotels in Bujumbura is Hotel Club de Lac Tanganyika, for anyone who decides that traveling to Usumbura Burundi is an ideal vacation or getaway spot this hotel is a very family friendly location.
If people decide to travel in groups there are many accommodations for large groups of people. Another top rated 5 star hotel in Bujumbura is The Kings Conference Centre for a very low nightly rate, one can choose to stay at this lovely hotel and spend there time touring local attractions, attending important meetings, or even working it out in the hotel gym.
As stated above there are many best places to visit and best places to stay, more than what is talked about in this article. If one decides to travel to Bujumbura there would be no problem at all putting together a busy agenda for everyday.
There are many different ways to travel to the different attractions, as well as many different places to stop and rest during a trip or vacation. If one was to travel to Bujumbura they could definitely learn a lot more about the history of Burundi, while visiting the best places to visit and stay.