KIBO Code Review By Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth | Trash Or Gold?

Welcome to our Kibo Code review. The KIBO Code program is being launched in January 2020 by Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth.

There are many people who have been looking for information on the new KIBO Code program and would like to know if it is simply a hyped up program like so many others or it is a genuine one that can help people succeed.

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What Is The KIBO Code Program?


Kibo Code

Without a doubt, KIBO Code is the most lucrative, most predictable, most straightforward, and most easy to understand the business model that Clayton and Booth have taught. This is e-commerce being done in a unique way that has not been seen ever before.

This online training program teaches an online marketing method for selling various products to earn profits. There are 6 modules contained in this program that are covered over the course of 8 weeks.

You will not be required to run Facebook ads or sell products on Amazon for this marketing method since you will be learning a new method for earning money through selling products.

The KIBO Code program creators would like to share their secret with you on how to use this course to dominate the marketing industry.

Every year since 2008, Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth have developed some of the finest advanced online marketing courses. This year is not any different. Their all-time biggest launch was in 2018 with their 7 Figure Cycle program, which was a huge success.

However, there are a number of serious objections that many people were concerned about when trying to decide whether to purchase the course or not. Despite these concerns, the course still earned more than $11 million in revenue during its launch.

The following a list of some of the most important features contained in the system, which will make this one bullet-proof over the system that has been taught in some of their courses from the past:

  • You don’t need to worry about stock
  • You don’t have to run Facebook Ads
  • You don’t need to work with international suppliers or warehouses
  • You don’t need to use Amazon

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What Does The KIBO Code Course Include?

Kibo Code Review


There are 6 different modules contained in the KIBO Code program that takes you through all of the different methods that you will be following to get your online business started.

Module 1: Marketing Basics

The KIBO Code creators wanted to make sure that everyone can benefit from the program so they added a module on marketing basics to their program.

In this module, you will learn about how to do affiliate marketing and how it can be used to earn high profits on the products you sell.

The instructions and tips detailed in this module will also show you how to create Sales funnels.

Module 2: Facebook Ads

Many people believe Facebook Ads are not effective any longer. However, that is not true. If creative strategies are used, you can still be effective with social media marketing.

This module focuses on running creative Facebook Ads if you want to target certain audiences for your products.

You will learn how to use different kinds of Facebook ads along with the techniques for creating these ads.

Module 3: Business Analysis

Reporting reading is the most critical component of any business. In order to get the most from your business, you must learn how to analyze it.

Reading reports can help you scale your profits and revenue to help you develop your business plan for the following month.

Module 4: When To Run Ads

Advertising can be a critical component of your e-commerce business. That is why it so important to learn what is necessary for running effective ads.

Each product will have its own market and you need to use different kinds of ads and have a different plan to sell them.

This module focuses on providing you with the right knowledge of advertising and teaches you how to create attractive ads using a sales funnel for your customers.

Module 5: How To Keep Your Customers

The major secret of the KIBO Code program is earning some prospective customers that will purchase multiple items for your store each month. The most critical skill that you need to learn is getting customers to come back to your store.

In this module, there are different methods described on how to engage your customers using attractive e-mails as well as other methods.

Module 6: Bidding Skill

Product research or Product bidding is a skill that will help you find the most profitable and relevant products to put in your store. The course focuses on looking for winning products that attract customers and can provide higher profits.

After this model has been completed, you will know how to find best-selling products to put in your store without needing to hire professionals to do this.

No matter what reviews you have read, all of the objections have been eliminated by this model.

What Are The Creators Of The KIBO Code Program – Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth?

Inside Kibo Code


Mr. Booth is an eCom and online marketing expert who runs an online marketing blog called

This is where he discusses what he has done to create results for both his clients and himself.

Aidan Booth started his internet marketing journey almost accidentally.

He and his wife moved to Argentina despite not knowing how to speak Spanish, and that was the major reason why he had his first digital marketing experience in 2005.

By 2006, Booth felt more experienced working in the online world and he set up several different basic affiliate websites and used Google AdWords to deliver traffic.

Although he did not earn significant commissions, he had learned a new method for earning money.

At a certain point, Booth shifted his attention and moved away from affiliate websites with paid traffic, to more of a combination of affiliate and eCommerce website to get the most from Google traffic.

Fast forward and his business has been completely transformed from what it was in 2005. He then partnered with Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey and was just a third-owner of the company.

Clayton was the CFO of a Fortune 500 company, so he was very knowledgeable about his outstanding planning solution.

Before getting involved with his new partners, Booth knew how important it was for him to diversify his business. However, he had never developed a structured plan for doing this.

That was the very first thing that he wanted to improve for his new company, which made a major difference.

A Look Back At Aidan Booth’s Previous Programs

1. Parallel Profit

Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth have created other programs together before KIBO Code. They developed the Parallel Profit Program. This internet marketing course had the aim of helping everyone start earning money online successfully.

2. 7 Figure Cycle

This was another program that Steve and Aidan developed that focused on earning profits through the Amazon FBA program. In their course, they share all of the methods needed to use the Amazon FBA program to earn a 7 figure income for your business.

3. 100k factory

Steve and Aidan created this program as well. Its focus is on earning money online using affiliate marketing. Two different versions of the course have been launched by Clayton and Booth after their students achieved positive results.

Who Should Try Out The KIBO Code Training Program?

This program is for people who want to start an affiliate marketing and e-commerce business. The program’s creators believe that even beginners can enroll in the program since the first module covers all of the marketing basics that beginners need.

KIBO Code Cost & Installment Plans

The price of KIBO Code is $3497. The course fee can also be paid in three installments of $1167 each.

Is The KIBO Code Program Worth It?

In their most recent eCom program, they have returned to e-commerce, which is the major strength of Steve & Aidan.

If you perform a Google search on “KIBO Code” or simply “KIBO”, you will find plenty of information and guides about robotics. A revolutionary robot called Kiborobot was developed by Kinderlab for children.

With assistance from a robot, kids will have lots of fun while learning about robotics, logical thinking, and learning coding, and we can see a couple of similarities.

This new system may do the same thing for everyone who would like to learn and get started, and guide you through all of the barriers, face all of the objectives, and ultimately achieve your final goal of operating a successful e-commerce business.

This is a very unique opportunity. I will be offering a special KIBO Code bonus at no charge to you in addition to the program. I genuinely believe in Steve and Aidan, and this is the best way I can show my support.

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KIBO Code Bonuses

There are bonuses included in this program along with the training in the course. They include the following:

1. Personal training

The most important and first KIBO Code bonus that you receive is a direct video call with this program’s creator. You can talk about your store or ask for tips on how to operate your business effectively.

This incredible opportunity should be used to gain improved insights into your e-commerce store by the program’s creator.

It is recommended that you make a business plan before you contact them so you don’t waste your opportunity.

2. SEO Book

The SEO you receive with this program is the second bonus. The SEO Bok will assist you in optimizing your e-commerce store to achieve improved rankings within the search results. Each business needs to optimize its SEO and check it to ensure better results and sales.

This book will teach you about all of the factors that must be considered when adding new products and updating your website.

3. E-mail marketing

An e-mail marketing guide is the third bonus you will receive. It provides you will effective e-mail marketing tips. The guide will give you all of the secrets you need to use and master effective e-mail marketing.

It is among the most important aspect of your e-commerce business since you will want to inform your customers about all of your new offers and products. Over 35% of sales are conducted via E-mail marketing.

4. Amazon Marketing

The largest market in the world for selling online products is Amazone. This guide will teach you how to use Amazon to expand your business os that you can continue to increase your profits on all platforms.

The guide will provide you with all of the tricks and tips you need to master selling your products on the Amazon platform.

5. Subscribers Increasing Guide

This guide will teach you how to increase your business’s subscribers. In order to grow your business, it is necessary to have a solid base of subscribers that you can always tell about your new products.

The creator of this guide will also teach you how you can keep subscribers active on both your website and email list.

6. Success Checklist And Guide

The final bonus is a guide that teaches you how to build effective landing pages for your website. It is very important to have a good landing page for your business because new customers will check your website’s authority by looking at the actual landing page.

This bonus guide will also provide you with a checklist to help you check to see if there are anythings that need to be updated or not in your business.

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Conclusion Of KIBO Code Review

It appears this program will attract plenty of attention since it has plenty of things to offer. Anybody willing to eliminate their 9-to-5 job can enroll in the program and learn new methods for earning money.

We recommend the KIBO Code program since we have received some internal details on the program and its modules look very promising. This program’s creators are very knowledgeable about internet marketing and have been practicing it for many years.

The best thing about the program is its creators have earned millions of dollars already by following the methods that they teach in the KIBO Code program.

Techniques are offered by the KIBO Code program that does not require you to run paid ads or purchase any products in order to sell products and earn profits. They will teach you all of the details you need to get your business started.

After the product has been released there will be more details about the program and we would love to hear your experiences with the KIBO Code program.

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KIBO Code Program Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I enroll in this program?

After registration begins, you can register at the official KIBO Code Program website.

2. How can I contact the KIBO Code Training creators?

After purchasing this program, you will be provided with a video call with the program’s creator. You also can send an e-mail to the program’s creators anytime you have questions.

3. When will I be prepared to get my store started?

KIBO Code is an 8-week program and completing it will allow you to get your own store started.

4. When is the KIBO Code program being released?

The program is being released at the end of January 2020. The status of the program can be checked on the official website.

5. What if I do not benefit from this program?

All of the important points were considered to create this program. However, you can get a refund if you do not benefit from the program. (For a refund, refer to the program’s terms and conditions).

6. Will I receive any bonuses with the program?

This program offers 6 bonuses to teach you more about marketing.