Legendary Marketer vs Wealthy Affiliate: Which One Is Better?

Trying to find the best affiliate marketing platform is never easy. There are so many. It’s almost impossible to try them all and review them as well.

Some are well-versed multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes hiding their structure so well that you get caught up right in without even a warning sign, only to lose time and money.

Some have good intentions, a great business plan, and real advice, but the fact that they never make it to the top says everything about their ability to scale-up and help others.

If you are looking for a side hustle, this can make things confusing. However, among many affiliate marketing systems, two are popular and come with many misperceptions.

We’re talking about the competition between Legendary Marketer vs. Wealthy Affiliate. What makes them so powerful, and what do they offer that so many people are stirring up the internet with praise about them?

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What is Legendary marketer and Wealthy Affiliate?

Both are business and entrepreneurship programs that focus on building and scaling up a digital business. This can be anything from a blog, a social media following, or an email list. They teach how to find your niche, how to create a brand and how to attract leads and transform them into customers. While you do this, they also offer the opportunity to gain revenue through an affiliate link.


What is Wealthy Affiliate About?

We have already reviewed Legendary Marketer (LM), so it is about time to give some insight into Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training platform founded in 2005 by two college friends and affiliate marketers, Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim. Learning from their own experience, they saw the opportunity to give back and teach others how to change their lives through affiliate marketing as well.

That is when they started the WealthyAffiliate University, which acted as one of the best keyword research tools at the time. From their success, they continued to develop their platform and adapt the classes, reaching more than 700 courses and weekly live training with Jay Magistudios.

Even though both Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer give you the option to sign up for free, the difference between these is that with Wealthy Affiliate you don’t have to buy the premium monthly plan and still gain an immense amount of affiliate knowledge. On the other hand, even though some might say that Legendary Marketer has more in-depth courses that are better organized, after your first free course, you need to speak with your coach to unlock the next.

The discussion might leave you with a bitter taste when you realize they take the discussion towards “how much are you willing to invest in your business,” and then they try to sell the platform’s products.

The Truth About Legendary Marketer

Now, don’t think we’re going to start bashing Legendary Marketer, because any completely negative review about them would be completely dishonest. They do deliver, and that’s a fact.

But their structure does force you into purchasing products you might not need to take advantage of the affiliate bonuses you can receive if you recommend them. Without a purchase, you won’t be able to advertise them AND gain revenue.

So, what it is about Legendary Marketer that turns off our excitement in comparison to WealthyAffiliate?

First of all, even though the founder, Dave Sharpe, left his former company before it went bankrupt, we can’t wonder, in the back of our minds if he knew something and just wanted out. All evidence proves the contrary and Sharpe himself seems like a genuine guy trying to help others without forgetting he is running a business and not a charity.

Besides this, the constant pushy tone of Legendary Marketer coaches and the platform forcing you to purchase something in order to gain something, is kind of defying the entire affiliate concept, isn’t it?


Wealthy Affiliate vs. Legendary Marketer

We know you already figured out toward which platform we’re inclining, just by the tone of our writing, but we’re going to try to be a bit more clear about why we are shipping Wealthy Affiliate vs. Legendary Marketer—and what could be better than a list of similarities and differences? After reading it, you can figure out which is best, on your own.


Wealthy Affiliate vs. Legendary Marketer 3.0 Features
FeaturesWealthy AffiliateLegendary Marketer 3.0
Free to JoinYesYes
Free to ContinueYesYes
Step-by-Step Training AvailableYesYes
Available 24/7 Chat SupportYesNo
Free Website IncludedYesNo
Domain Platform AvailableYesNo
High Ticket Sales TrainingNoYes
Private CoachYesYes
High Affiliate PayoutNoYes
Affiliate Program AvailableYesYes


As you can see above, there are quite a few differences between Wealthy Affiliate vs. Legendary Marketer. However, don’t go thinking that Legendary Marketer is not a valid option.

The fact is that LM is geared towards people who want to get real business training, and have a budget to pay for it.

We’re talking about businesses with at least six figures in revenue each year, a decent online presence and stable customer line. For them, Legendary Marketer could be an option, even though WA covers this niche as well, with more than 11 years of experience compared to LM.

For those of you which are just beginning to grasp what affiliate marketing is, I recommend Legendary Marketer over Wealthy Affiliate. Why? Because of the potential to earn money by selling high ticket products.

You don’t just learn how to run a business, you learn how to sell, which is a priceless skill to have

But ultimately the decision is up to you. You can head over to both Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer and sign up. You can analyze them both, but if you don’t want to waste any time, follow our suggestion. You won’t be disappointed.