While the industrial sector could definitely become more competitive and diversified, the government is still very present. The export potential for this sector mainly lies in sub–regional markets and opportunities exist, among others, in the agro–industrial sector.

Some non–exhaustive examples to explore :


  • Production, packaging, marketing of agricultural equipment and inputs
  • Production of fruits and vegetables
  • Packaging and transport
  • Research and development on the conservation of agricultural foodstuffs
  • Agri-food transformation industry (rice, cereals, etc.)
  • Fertilizer plants (phosphates in the north of the country)
  • Cement plants (raw materials available in the northeast)
  • Textile industry
  • Tea Factories in the South of the country (there are 4500 ha of land adequate for the cultivation of tea)


Investment Opportunities

  • Food processing industry for domestic production (rice, cereals, tomatoes, milk, vegetables, etc.)
  • Untapped opportunities in the construction sector including glass windows and doors, metal bars, tiles, cement production, etc
  • Production of chemicals including fertilizers for breeding and farming
  • Textile and shoe-making industries
  • Pharmaceutical industry as very few medicines are produced locally
  • Almost all manufactured consumer goods are imported offering plenty of opportunities in almost all industries

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