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Invest Burundi has been helping the economic development of businesses in Burundi since 2011. There are many great economic opportunities for Western businesses looking to expand into growing countries.

With its audacious programme of economic reforms, a growing economy and a GDP growth rate forecasted at 4.5% for 2016, Burundi’s business environment is continuously improving.

In 2009 l’Agence burundaise pour la promotion des investissements (API) – Burundi’s Investment Promotion Agency – was launched, as the national body responsible for development, export and investment promotion.

As a result of the efforts deployed by its Government, in 2012, Burundi jumped 12 positions in the Doing Business ranking and was classified among the 10 top reformers in the world and the 4th in Africa.

We are committed to helping both large and small businesses expand their businesses and create economic prosperity in Burundi.

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Our Services

There are four types of service that we offer to our clients.


SEO Consultant

It is the part that is imperative when starting your business. To have a successful business, you need to have a website that is known about.


Business coaching

Most of you will wonder why we need business coaching. For starters, it is crucial because the business coach will teach you how to start and make a good business.

Social media consultant

It is probably the most important aspect of your business. You will need a social media consultant to boost your site and to maintain your reputation.

App development

To have a good and successful business, you will need good apps. It is vital to give your clients the maximum comfort when using your services. A touch away or a click away is very important for their satisfaction.

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Valerie B. Richardson

Since she was a young girl, Valerie had shown interest in computers and business. When she went to college, she discovered that she has a talent for online business development. After college Valrie travelled to Africa and visited Burundi. She quickly became enchanted by it’s country and it’s people.Soon, she gathered a crew of companions and experts, and she slowly started to develop a company that assisted in the economic development of businesses looking to invest in Burundi. Valerie has worked with many multi-national and local firms.