Proven Amazon Course vs Amazing Selling Machine: Which One Is Best? amassed half of all online sales in the entire world toward the tail end of 2018, with total sales approaching 258 billion dollars.

But it’s important to note that Amazon isn’t another retailer like Sears or J.C. Penney’s. While the giant retailer offers a few products on its own, Amazon’s bread and butter is the fulfillment of other sellers goods.

So good is the behemoth retailer, they may be considered the retail equivalent of General Patton’s Third Army in World War II. Year, after year, they gobble up the competition. Competitors like E-bay, Wal-Mart and Etsy appear to be losing the battle.

And while a vast majority of the sales still go to powerful retailers who use Amazon’s tremendous traffic to build up sales, the so-called “little guys,” retirees, stay-at-home mom’s and execs tired of the rat race have been successfully betting on Amazon’s sales model for the last few years.

Many of them racking up sales of one, two-hundred or even three-hundred thousands of dollars worth of sales.

No wonder then, that there are dozens of courses on the internet on how to strike gold with Amazon. Among the most popular are two courses: The Proven Amazon Course vs Amazing Selling Machine. 

Here is Brief Review of These Two Popular Courses 

The Proven Amazon Course offers a detailed, step-by-step blueprint for Amazon success. The program, which currently costs $495, in total, covers:

  • Amazon Basics
  • Sourcing Strategies
  • Inventory Management
  • Wholesale Buying
  • Selling Private Label Products
  • Promotional Selling
  • Selling on Amazon from International Locations
  • Selling Merch by Amazon

and many more subjects.

The Proven Amazon Course has a private facebook course available, offers mentorship, and occasional conferences to its members.

From the website, at least, the overwhelming majority of customers seem to find the Proven Amazon Course well worth the price of admission and success stories abound.

Reviews of the Proven Amazon Course 

One method of ascertaining the veracity of a course such as the Proven Amazon Course is to google Proven Amazon Course Review.

In doing so, I found several positive reviews indicating the course is not a scam, but one review complaining the course wasn’t advanced enough, while another complaining the course was too advanced for beginners.

There were also a few complaints about how the course is laid out, but in general, the Proven Amazon Course nets positive reviews.

Amazing Selling Machine vs Proven Amazon Course: Which One To Choose?

As befits the title, this is a comparison review of the Proven Amazon Course vs The Amazing Selling Machine.

The Amazing Selling Machine Review 

The Amazing Selling Machine at is a comparative online course with a much larger price. So at $4,997, it’s not exactly cheap. It features:

  • An 8-week online course
  • A mentor program
  • An exclusive and private community
  • A private vault of exclusive information

Even though the Amazing Selling Machine does offer a 30-day money back guarantee, I found that it was scary to pay that much up front. But ASM is a legit company, so they backup their guarantee 100%.

Amazing Selling Machine even works if you live in India. So you can be assured that no matter where you are in the world, it will work for you.

What Do the Reviews Say? 

Like the Proven Amazon Course, the Amazing Selling Machine has some amazing reviews and testimonials:

Overwhelmingly, these were also positive, but what I found interesting is that most of the reviews were from people who had already gained a significant level of sucess selling on Amazon.

Consequently, the Amazing Selling Machine may be the advanced Amazon Selling Course that one reviewer complained the Proven Amazon Course was not. These sellers were looking for a course to take them to the next level and ASM was their ticket.

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Despite common impressions that selling on Amazon is too crowded a field, there seems to be plenty of opportunities out there, providing you have the in’s and out’s of how to successfully sell on Amazon.

From skills like selecting the right product niche, learning to leverage reviews, and obtaining the best price from wholesalers, there is plenty of opportunity on Amazon, and a good course may be the difference between success and failure.