Sales Funnel And Conversion Measurement – The Essence Of Marketing

Whether you’re selling goods, services, education, or just collecting people’s contacts – measuring sales in the sales funnel is essential – all serious digital marketers do this.

When we measure conversions, complete marketing activity has a full meaning. You know exactly whether you are making good money, whether you are coming back, and you know how to make further decisions.

How conversion measurement works

So, every morning you will see a table listing the source of the visit, the number of clicks, the number of orders and the percentage of conversions. Good, right? From the table, you can find out through which channel most of the sales come to you, which content has a large number of visits, but really a small number of sales, with whom you need to cancel cooperation and with whom to deepen…

How to set up your own site?

The first thing we need to have on the site is the so-called “thank you” page. Every time someone comes to the “thank you” page, it’s a sign that shopping is over. This is the OBJECTIVE of our campaign. We need to measure how many people have come to that end. It must be on a special, unique URL.

Setting the target

For the next step, we assume you already have Google Analytics installed on the site, which is the case with most sites today. Be sure to check whether Google Analytics is on both the order form and the thank you page. You can do this by ordering your own product and then look at the “view source” on the thank you page. If Google Analytics code is located there, that’s it. You have nothing to set up on the site itself.


Now log in to Google Analytics, click on the “Admin” tab, and find the “Goals” option. Now we’ll tell Google what the goal of our site is – without it he does not know what it’s all about, and our “thank you” page for him is the same as any other.

Click on the red “New Goal” button and enter in the form to define the goal. Enter the name of the destination here, and select the “destination” type. The next step is to enter the URL of a thank you page, which is the goal. Click Save, and that’s it. From this moment, you have metric conversions on your site, see where your sales come from.

From the next day, you can see the results if you go to this section of Google Analytics: Acquisition> All Traffic> Source / Medium. In the table you will see the “Conversions” section, select the “finished sale” goal here and see where your sales came from. From this moment you start seriously marketing yourself.