Tourism Opportunities

Located at the heart of Africa, Burundi is endowed with hills, white sandy beaches, different landscapes, and cultures.

The hospitality and kindness of Burundian people are legendary, and the country has much to offer. 17 Provinces offer visitors different experiences: Lake Tanganyika, the deepest in Africa, an incredible and wonderful variety of flowers, a rocky landscape, waterfalls, the Rusizi delta, a calm oasis, and fertile valleys. For animal lovers, the northwest primary forest is a paradise for primates and the Northern Lakes are a safe haven for birds.

Burundi has a cultural legacy that includes not only dances and traditional music but also the famous Gitega Drummers known worldwide.

Geographical position of Burundi is in the centre of the large regional communities (ECAC, CEPGL, COMESA, and EAC). Burundi, therefore could become the focal point for business and tourism with the beauty of its hills and the hospitality and kindness of its people. Its position allows easy access in less than 2 hours of flight to Africa’s most attractive tourist sites (ex: Serengeti and beaches in Zanzibar).

Burundi has an untapped tourism potential that the government wishes to develop and that is also at the center of the development strategy of the country. Experience in other post-conflict countries shows that the development of tourism, including through FDI, can help redress the country’s economic situation and therefore support the establishment of lasting peace. Putting forward its comparative advantages, Burundi should try to integrate into the East Africa region. In this area, it will nevertheless be important to separate the roles of the IPA and the National Tourism Office.


Different tourist attraction sites include

  • Wide sandy and sunny beaches
  • Water sports locations along Lake Tanganyika
  • The Nile source Rutovu
  • The Thermal waters of Muhweza
  • The Beaches of Nyakazu
  • Natural reserves of the Rusizi River
  • Lakes in the north of the country (bird lakes)
  • Stone Stanley and Livingstone
  • Karera Falls

Examples of opportunitiesĀ 

  • Installation and development of the relaxing activities such as the thalassotherapy
  • Development of water sports
  • Introduction of ecotourism