What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Theres a lot of talk about Wealthy Affiliate and if it is a legitimate business – read more here. Wealthy Affiliate It is a platform that was built to enable members to create online businesses that earn income from affiliates. It has many alternatives that can be used to increase your income. This platform is among the best programs that are used to train online marketers.


How Wealthy Affiliate works

1. After registration, you choose what products or services interest you

2. You start building a free website, which can be done within a short period.
3. You are trained and learn how to attract visitors to your site.

4. When visitors click on links placed in your website you start earning a commission after the
purchase the services or products.

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Wealthy Affiliate Features and Services

• Websites

Once you get WA membership, you are entitled to websites which are user-friendly and straightforward under WordPress. You can set up a website regardless of experience in just a few minutes. Access to the site is through the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard.

• Training

Wealthy Affiliate offers training that covers all that there is to know about starting an online business, build a website, marketing the site and development of your brand. There is also training on SEO, social media marketing, and keyword research. There are video tutorials that are easy to understand and follow.

• Online Community

There is a supportive and friendly community with successful and experienced marketers who assist beginners.

• Web support

If you experience any technical concerns or difficulties, there is a helpful and friendly customer support who offer assistance within a short time. Wealthy Affiliate ensures support is given to beginners as it is crucial and will help them achieve more through the program.

• Live Chat

Live chat feature offers an opportunity for members to discuss issues relating to affiliate marketing businesses. New members get to meet experienced members are they exchange ideas and offer each other help. The chat session will help you understand the program faster.

• Inspiration stories

Wealthy Affiliate has many profiles of members who have succeeded and have a good income every month. These people will give you willingness and determination to work harder to achieve your goals.

The Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives


• Internet Jetset

Created by John Crestani, this system helps one start affiliate marketing businesses from scratch using free traffic from YouTube, Facebook and search engines. Money is earned through commissions that are
awarded by recommending of Amazon products. This platform teaches how to start website creation, pick up niches, SEO, Facebook marketing, and YouTube marketing. However, it does not offer a site builder, in depth training and free hosting.

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• Chris Farrel Membership

This platform focuses more on keyword search, content creation, and SEO. It is recommended for affiliate marketing intermediates and beginners. It teaches you how to get profitable niches, build a website via WordPress and setting up your auto responder. Although it does not offer a free trial, you can pay a small fee to access it for seven days.

• CB Passive Income 4.0

This program is different from the others. It was developed to help marketing beginners make money quickly. The user promotes this program using landing pages that provide them the program and their subscribers receive emails from the founder, Patrick Chan’s auto responders. It is a fast solution for those with money to invest, although there are risks involved with internet advertising. CB Passive Income does not, however, offer training on WordPress, keyword search, content creation or SEO.


How to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate

Making money with Wealthy Affiliate involves promoting products online and earning commissions after they are purchased. To start off, one should choose the membership that suits them. You can be a Starter or Premium member.

• Starter membership

This membership is free and is inclusive of two free websites and basic training. You also have access to some premium benefits like one to one coaching and live help for a week. As a starter, you get to learn website optimization, the creation of quality online content, build your niche website. Starters also get to understand keyword research processes, create and work towards new financial goals and learn to make their sites user and search engine friendly.

• Premium membership

This membership costs $47 monthly of $359 annually. It gives the member 50 websites, access to training courses and unlimited support. Hundreds of hours of video training are available to members plus higher affiliate commission and access to twelve classrooms. Websites created under premium membership use WordPress Express that is powered by Site Rubix. You are given a choice to either use a free domain or purchase one.

Upgrading to premium gives you access to full Wealth Affiliate training which involves, and Affiliate Boot camp and Certification Course.


Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan

Wealthy Affiliates is simply an affiliate marketing program with monthly and annual subscriptions. The membership fee for premium costs $47 monthly and $359 annually. A commission of $22.5 is earned per referral. Two referrals, ensure you receive $45 in commission every month. You can get some sales during the month that will cover the remaining $2 which will have covered the monthly cost. The goal is to keep the Wealthy Affiliate membership as you train and start building your website.

You can get referrals by convincing your family members or close friends who are also interested in earning some extra money. You can also network with Wealth Affiliate members and borrow referrals for favors. Creating a review page and promoting it with PPC campaign will also get you affiliates.


Was Wealthy Affiliate a right choice?

Wealthy Affiliate is a good choice because it helps businesses grow. Premium membership gives you access to features like website build up and training on how to get niches. These are platforms that if used positively will increase the online presence of your business which in turn increases customers.

Building a business to great heights is not always an easy task, but with consistency and the right training from Wealthy Affiliate, it is easier.

picture of kyle from wealthy affiliate

Kyle Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle is computer science graduate with a passion for business and marketing. He is on one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate which was started in 2005. The inception of this program was for Kyle to help other
people succeed online.