Best Alternatives To Wealthy Affiliate: 5 Solid SEO and PPC Training Courses

Online businesses are exploding right now. And to be successful in this type of enviroment you need to know how to bring in traffic.

Whether it is SEO or PPC, you need to at least have a basic understanding of both and the best way to do that is through training. According to Digitrio, SEO and PPC is one of the best ways ROI’s a small business owner can spend their money on when it is done correctly.

One of the leading affiliate training platforms to help small business owners and want to be entrepreneuers is Wealthy Affiliate. This complete training and support platform provides helpful advice, support, and training to people setting up their own affiliate business. Wealthy Affiliate is suitable for all skill levels ranging from absolute beginner to advanced users.

This is a great way to turn your ideas into money and be confident in the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is a well established reputable platform. This is a big deal as there are so many scam sites out there. You want to be sure who you are partnering with is a legitimate player in the industry.

This is how you will learn to become successful in the affiliate industry. Programs such as Wealthy Affiliate can be invaluable for learning the basics and setting up your own affiliate marketing website. They provide super fast web design with thousands of templates to choose from, they will help with product selection and supply ongoing coaching and help you with your marketing efforts.

But Wealthy Affilaite is not for everyone, here is a list of alternatives to wealthy affiliate that might be better suited for you.

Top 5 Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives


One of the most popular and widely used alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate is Affiliorama. This popular platform has much to offer its users and caters to beginner marketers through to more advanced users. Sign up is free and Affiliorama provides a good number of training courses to help you in your affiliate marketing journey.

Learn easily about content creation, marketing strategy, SEO. PPC and much more. Affiliorama provides lots of tools to help you drive traffic to your website and convert visitors to sales. There is also a nice suite of analytics tools that provide in-depth insights into site visitors behavior that you can use to make adjustments to your website or product range.

With a road map to success an online forum, and over 120 training videos, Affiliorama is serious about helping you be successful. Initial sign up is free and they even provide you with a quick start guide once your account is active to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Super Affiliate System (Internet Jetset)

Super Affiliate System is the brainchild of John Crestani who is a successful internet marketer and has been featured many times in high-end publications and websites like Forbes, Yahoo Finance and Inc. The platform offers a wealth of training and advice for internet marketers and promises to be the ultimate blueprint to lead you to online success in the affiliate marketing world.

Super Affiliate System offers many resources and templates to their users like landing pages, affiliate network referrals, ads, emails and more. The courses span a period of 6 weeks and take the new affiliate marketer through a series of steps and informative training to build their skills. The courses cover everything from choosing your product niche to the effective scaling of your business.

A nice touch with the Super Affiliate System is that John himself personally hosts weekly live information sessions. This is over and above the recorded training content already provided to associates. John will have weekly meetings to offer to coach and assist you with your affiliate marketing business.

Chris Farrell Membership

As a successful internet marketer Chris Farrell has grown his business beginning in 2008 into a successful venture. With no prior knowledge of internet marketing, Chris began to promote and sell products and began to make money online. His profits began to rise substantially and he famously booked over a million dollars in sales one day in 2010. Now he uses what he has learned to teach other internet marketers how to achieve success in the business using his own Chris Farrell Membership Program.

Chris’s program is geared to complete novices and existing users that wish to grow and expand their website. He provides knowledge and insights that may then be applied to other businesses. For beginners, there is an organized guide that helps with initial set up and future growth.

The program lasts for 21 days and provides the steps to setting up a 3-page website and effectively promoting it. It will walk you through how to identify a niche, market to that niche and leverage social media, email and other promotional streams.

To give new users time to test the program there is a 7 day trial period available for a nominal fee then monthly and yearly packages to choose from. As part of the deal, Chris offers free hosting for your website and there is ongoing support, courses, and training tools.

CB Passive Income 5.0

This system has been running for around 5 years and was founded by Patric Chan, published author and online marketer. 5.0 is the latest generation of Patric’s systems and promises to be a turnkey solution for those looking to get started in Affiliate Marketing. Patric has designed several other products, been featured in publications such as Forbes and Inc., and has published ebooks on Amazon around the topics of making money successfully.

The system is built around using ClickBank as the affiliate marketing provider and  CB Passive Income has been the number 1 selling product on the platform many times in the past. CB Passive Income is a well-known name in the world of internet marketing and has achieved quite a following over the years.

The program provides super simple steps to start up your own affiliate marketing venture and provides training and ongoing mentorship to its users. The downside of the platform is that you are not completely in control of all aspects off your business. CB Passive Income business model means that certain aspects are handled by them such as email marketing and subscriber lists. This may be off-putting for more seasoned marketers but if you are completely new to the business you may find it a bonus to have some areas managed for you.

Overall CB Passive Income provides a good solid system for beginners, backed by a reputable name, and gives helpful marketing and promotional support. It is also relatively inexpensive with a reasonable monthly fee or a one-time payment option available.

Solo Build It

This platform offers extremely in-depth help for the entrepreneur looking to create or expand an online business. Their website offers a massive amount of information and may at first glance be a little overwhelming for the complete novice. It promises to be the only all in one platform that you will ever need to create income for yourself by leveraging affiliate marketing strategies.

However, based on reviews and feedback it seems that views of Solo Build It are very polarized with users falling into either the ‘Love it’ or ‘Hate it’ camp with very little else in between. It has been around for quite some time, all the way back to 1997, where it started life as Site Build it and rebranded in 2001 to Solo Build it. Prices are reasonable and affordable with monthly or one-off pricing options available.

Solo Build It promotes itself based on the fact that it is very much a one-stop shop. They provide website building help, templates, web hosting, keyword research, and other tools. Meaning anything that you need you should be able to get from them without looking outside of their platform.

They strive to help their users make money by following a step by step process of Content – Traffic – Pre Sales- Monetize. Within this framework, they provide help, support, and training to help you realize your goals. Included with their fees is a 10-day Action Guide to help you get started and making money as fast as possible.

How Wealthy Affiliate works

1. After registration, you choose what products or services interest you

2. You start building a free website, which can be done within a short period.

3. You are trained and learn how to attract visitors to your site.

4. When visitors click on links placed in your website you start earning a commission after the
purchase the services or products.

overview of wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Features and Services

• Websites

Once you get WA membership, you are entitled to websites which are user-friendly and straightforward under WordPress. You can set up a website regardless of experience in just a few minutes. Access to the site is through the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard.

• Training

Wealthy Affiliate offers training that covers all that there is to know about starting an online business, build a website, marketing the site and development of your brand. There is also training on SEO, social media marketing, and keyword research. There are video tutorials that are easy to understand and follow.

• Online Community

There is a supportive and friendly community with successful and experienced marketers who assist beginners.

• Web support

If you experience any technical concerns or difficulties, there is a helpful and friendly customer support who offer assistance within a short time. Wealthy Affiliate ensures support is given to beginners as it is crucial and will help them achieve more through the program.

• Live Chat

Live chat feature offers an opportunity for members to discuss issues relating to affiliate marketing businesses. New members get to meet experienced members are they exchange ideas and offer each other help. The chat session will help you understand the program faster.

• Inspiration stories

Wealthy Affiliate has many profiles of members who have succeeded and have a good income every month. These people will give you willingness and determination to work harder to achieve your goals.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a right choice?

Wealthy Affiliate is a good choice because it helps businesses grow. Premium membership gives you access to features like website build up and training on how to get niches. These are platforms that if used positively will increase the online presence of your business which in turn increases customers.

Building a business to great heights is not always an easy task, but with consistency and the right training from Wealthy Affiliate, it is easier.