What Is Brickseek And How Does It Work?

In this article, we will be covering the various aspects of a very cool program that helps you locate hard to find and discounted products online and in your local area.

That tool is BrickSeek.

BrickSeek has been designed with customers in mind. However, the real reason that I am interested in it is due to the potential it has for helping locate profitable products to flip and earn a nice profit (usually by selling them on Amazon or Ebay).

This is referred to as retail arbitrage and can be very lucrative.

It was one of my very first successful business ventures and that is why I am discussing this resource with you today.

What Is Brickseek?

This tool (which is sometimes incorrectly referred to as “brick seek” or “brickseeker”) is a web-based software that enables you to search for clearance deals and sales in your local area.

What Does Brickseek Do?

It is basically a very powerful community platform, price monitor, and inventory tracking tool. If you are searching for a specific item all you need is a zip code and product number. You can use BrickSeek to see which stores have the product in stock within a local area and it will provide you with a rough estimate of the quantity as well. If the product you are looking for is not in any local area stores you and set up email alerts as well to be notified when the product is back in stock.

What do those 3 inventory statuses actually mean?

In Stock – When you see the in-stock inventory status, there is a very good chance that the store will have the product on hand.

Limited Quantity – That isn’t a good sign. When it says the quantity is limited that means the store is reporting that half of the original shipment at least has been sold already.

Out of Stock – Everone dreads seeing this inventory status. That means the store is reporting there are no items of the product you are looking for in stock. That isn’t always a bad thing since inventory is not always 100% accurate. You just need to be aware that your store is either out of stock on the product or if they have it that it hasn’t been scanned into their system yet.

As we have said previously, Brickseek should not be used as your only resource. It is simply another tool that you can have in your arsenal to increase the chances of locating hard to find products.

Reverse SKU/UPC Look Up

Once you are inside of the BrickSeek tool you can select from the stores it supports and filter by keyword, deal type, or category.

Sort by:

  • BrickSeek Filter
  • Newest
  • Most Likes
  • Trending Deals
  • Best Match

And then find keywords within those results.

Inventory Checker

If you are searching for a certain product and has its UPC, then you can paste it into BrickSeek’s Inventory Checker to search for it.

Recent Stock Changes

Information on recent inventory updates is always available. Resellers really love the feature since it tells them when products that are potentially selling over retail are in stock so they can pick them up.

Online Stock Alert

This feature allows you to receive notifications when those hard to find product come in stock in your local area.

You must log in to access this feature.

If you do any retail arbitrage, this tool is a huge time saver and will provide you with a big edge over your local competition (there are more people who do retail arbitrage than you might think).

Online Stock Alerts

Let’s discuss using BrickSeek a little more for the purpose of flipping products to earn a profit.

The BrickSeek Add-On is a Google Chrome custom extension for doing online product sourcing. This extension will search through multiple zip codes with just one click for the inventory at Lowes.com, Staples.com, and Walmart.com.

This Add-On can be used by sellers to complement their online arbitrage sourcing activities?

Is BrickSeek accurate at all times?

Unfortunately, the inventory estimates provided by BrickSeek are not accurate all the time. However, in my experience, their results are the most accurate for Lowe’s and Walmart. At Lowe’s, in fact, you can place your order online through BrickSeek for in-store pickup.

Is BrickSeek a free tool?

Yes and no. You can use BrickSeek for free to look up products by DPCI or UPC. However, if you would like to set alerts to be notified whenever a product is back in your area or restocked, then you might want to consider getting a paid membership.

Paying to save money will require you to be very disciplined when hunting for clearances to ensure that you save more money than you spend.

What I recommend is that for the first month you use the free version before you considering upgrading to a paid membership.

How Much Does BrickSeek cost?

BrickSeek offers lots of firepower for free. However, they also have two premium plans that cost $9.99 and $29.99.

Their free plan has ads and shows fewer products compared to the extreme deal hunter and premium plan.

Premium users also are provided access to BrickSeek’s forum where you can get information on deals.

What Doesn’t BrickSeek Do?

BrickSeek, unfortunately, has some limitations related to checking inventory in your local stores. Prior to last October, Target inventory numbers were semi-accurate. That was great since Target’s official website wasn’t very helpful.

As more individuals started using Brickseek, the Target corporate office start to discover that this was causing problems with some aggressive customers coming into their stores and demanding that their store associates find a certain product based on Brickseek showing that a certain number of them should be in stock.

Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect inventory system and when that is combined with very passionate fans of a problem that can cause problems. In order to combat this issue, Target does not allow BrickSeek to publish its on-hand inventory amounts any longer. Now you can just see if a product is Out of Stock, Limited Quantity or In Stock.

So there you go! Check it out and sign up for a free account today.

Other Tools For Locating Deals

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Tactical Arbitrage – Do reverse searches to locate products to flip or buy from more than 500 retailers.