What is Online Video Marketing?

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase online sales, attract new customers and promote the product/service.

In online video marketing, it makes sense to talk about marketing on Youtube. The most common advertisements are “Trueview In-stream” where viewers of advertisements are broadcast before the video that they wanted to see, and after a few seconds, the viewer gets the option to turn off the ad. Advertising is charged to the advertiser only if the viewer has watched at least 25% of the advertisement.

Google, Youtube, and Marketing

Although viewers will not be thrilled with advertising, Google in its calculations claims that 21% of users will see the video though. However, there is also a big plus for the part of the market that will skip the ad. It only takes a few seconds for the brand to remain in the consumer’s mind. For a few seconds, each visitor to whom your advertisement is broadcast will have to be watched. So the quality of the advertisement and a strong and clear message is important for reaching a large number of people!


Another type of advertising on Youtube is the so-called. “Trueview In-Display” commercials. These are advertisements that appear in video search results, as thematically related video material to what the viewer asked. Or they appear in the form of discrete text in the field of video display and the viewer can arbitrarily remove them. These advertisements the viewer chooses to watch, and therefore it is very important that they are presented nicely and attractively and well targeted on the channels that your target group is looking at.

Why do you need Video Marketing

Just like Adwords and Facebook commercials, Youtube also provides the ability to target and broadcast advertisements to the target audience. Also, the costs are lower because only those ads that the user at least partially watched are charged.


Video advertising is perhaps the most effective way of “launching” a brand into consumer awareness. Analyzes show that a person remembers 20% of what he is hearing, 30% of what he sees, and even 70% of what he sees and hears! Most people watch Youtube for its content so the conclusion itself is imposed – this is definitely a marketing channel that needs to be maximized!

How to start?

Did you prepare adequate video material? If it is, the job is just starting out. Based on the research and experience, you will need the optimal budget proposal for starting your video campaigns.

Find professionals that will determine the best type of advertisements, channels and target audiences for which the advertisement will be broadcast. You will get access to clear statistics, costs, and effects of your video campaign.