How Does WPEngine Use Nginx ?

WPengine handles everything and more for you. It uses mixtures of selective traffic routing, security features, varnish, and most importantly it uses the Nginx WordPress caching to any of its users.

WPengine Nginx Config

Without a shout of a doubt the WordPress has domination and a lot of significance on the Internet. It is pretty much easy to install, develop, and stationary for developers, also not difficult to use for most writers. WordPress has Issues only for those who lack high performance PHP. Page loading time is extremely important especially for companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Amazon etc Just to name a few.

It is important to know that load time impacts these companies revenue. But luckily thanks to WPEngine they are putting the caps on slow loading times and is striving to push on what’s possible with wordpress. WPEngine has the highest and advanced technology to obtain you all the precious seconds you need. Based on all the technical details from Jason Cohen the Co founder of WPEngine he discussed the capabilities of their page caching system.

Revenue, Experience, Organic Traffic

There are many reasons why page cache is important with WordPress, especially when once again it’s dealing with load timing for businesses using WordPress. There shouldn’t be any logical reason why anybody isn’t using the fastest loading pages on their sites. In recent studies by Stanford of Walmart and Amazon it is said that for every 100- millisecond difference in load times it is an affected revenue by one percent. So to make the matter easier every second of load time that is saved boosts the revenue up around 10 percent.

It is said by Google that with these faster loading times on sites can increase your organic traffic up to 10 to 15 percent, that is extremely helpful for online businesses and that’s what makes WPEngine technology so important. User experience is another important factor if there are slow speeds on sites it may irritate the user and the user may cancel losing traffic and revenue. Studies from Google Stayed there revenue dropped by 20 percent due to there milliseconds lasting more than 500. This is a huge reason why WPEngine is the way to go.

How Does WPEngine Handle Caching?

A lot of people are using WordPress to eventually see some kind of caching system. Because of Apache, PHP spooling, and other database transactions WordPress can be slowed with page time for many seconds.

Many people lean towards cache systems such as BatCache, W3 Total Cache, and Super Cache to name a few, the problem is that these cache systems still end up having spooling PHPs having it take up 500 milliseconds before having cache from memory or disk. The many problems W3 Total, BatCache, Super Catche has is that they have to hit and run PHP just to serve pages. Hitting PHPs are costly.

WPEngine uses varnish and Nginx with these two combined should put other cache systems to rest. Varnish can serve up resources with shorter lifetimes and the need to be purged and Nginx can serve long term and purge-Less assets. V

arnish has about 10 times the speed BatCache and W3 Total can configure So in addition you can do more simultaneously. Varnish and Nginx both together can handle a lot of traffic per second. This is an amazing leap beyond In advanced technology and caching will be more easier in WordPress to WPEngine.